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  1. This same argument was used to saw Marduk wasn’t gonna make it in T7

  2. Marduk had a set fan base with lore and was in a few games though.

  3. King got a lot of AK moves when vanilla t7 came out, look what happened. Characters sharing other characters moves has been a staple of tekken since literally tekken 1

  4. Yeah but king has been in every game since Tekken 1 and armor king has been in for 4 games. Gigas was made to fill a character slot and only had any lore with another new character (Katerina) and took moves from Marduk before Marduk released as a character so now he’s just kinda existing in tekken now. He’ll probably get the gun jack/prototype jack treatment in 8 imo. A lot of new characters from 7 are just kinda there and have little to no lore or interaction with staple characters. And I don’t think people care enough for them besides like Eliza or Claudio

  5. Honestly for atmosphere? Opportunity or thousand cuts. honorable mention for wildlife preserve bc loot midget farming

  6. I’d say doppelgänger or Claptrap. Fun skills, fun ways to build

  7. It’s because there’s no “life lead” against him

  8. Stalk someone else’s Reddit. Preferably someone in r/ teen wolf or crumble cookies pls

  9. Your only post is teen wolf. Do me a favor and delete your comment

  10. Having better access to support; less of a stigma around asking for help from others.

  11. Chamaeleon is pretty boring. Can’t really imagine he’s in anyone’s top 10 favorite villains list

  12. I love the 90’s animated show! I’m just thinking in a world of comic book villains he’s probably the lesser interesting one. Compared to Green Goblin, Doc Ock, etc. I know at first he didn’t have any powers in the comics but after some work into the character (some rewriting I imagine) he was given powers

  13. God I hate ultimate cap. Let him get shot Spiderman

  14. I could feel the surging testosterone through my screen. Nice job man

  15. I don’t want to see any characters from the new tales from borderlands game. They’re all pretty miserable and half baked. At least rhys had a character arc

  16. I don’t wanna see fan favorite characters randomly dying because gearbox was bored and wants to introduce their new favorite character that’s supposed to replace them. I’m still a little salty about it

  17. I love tekken 3 yoshi so much. His afterimage grab he had was so cool. Plus lightsaber 😎

  18. The point is he is a big part of the series and he will of course be in the lore. I can sympathize with wanting new villains with their own personality but he IS a well written character, arguably the best written. Reading your comments seems to make me think you just hate him

  19. Insurance on things that 100% don’t break a year or less later. Like who insures their video games or a cheap blender. They usually never break or it takes two years instead of one

  20. Badass Crater Of Badass-itude started really strong but the final boss was kinda lame. Pyro Pete is super iconic though. I wanted a little more from the DLC imo

  21. Honestly, I really like opportunity from Borderlands 2. Makes you feel like you’re behind enemy lines, the constant propaganda and echo’s around about jack. Side missions were okay, plus it’s significant to the story.

  22. Dragon ball ≠ Dragon ball abridged. Goku wasn’t that bad of a father.

  23. Int LR Namek Vegeta/Goku. I love watching the revive animation

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