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Guy Catches Tear Gas Shell Mid Air During Protest In Lahore, Pakistan

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  1. Having ‘Pakistan’ or ‘India’ in the title brings out all the Desis

  2. no such thing as desi...just say india or pakistan

  3. it was fine apart from junaid cringe akram part

  4. Finally! A fellow comrade who knows the pain of explaining others how we equally hate everyone that keeps the people from having true power. F*** B, IK (especially him since he's leading Pakistan towards fascism), NS, SS, and everyone else. Inquilaab Zindabad.

  5. how will comrade get inqilab when 90% of leftists in Pakistan are pro U.S and runs of Genfer studies and NED funds

  6. 10% are enough. Bolsheviks literally means minority. 😎

  7. cuz this includes commies, specially the english speaking rich ones

  8. Thats news to me, by commies you mean the pseudo-liberal community of Pakistan?

  9. by commies i mean the leftists and leftists parties like AWP etc. you can include the pseudo-liberal elite community too here tbh

  10. PDM and woke kohsar market leftsts will never see heaven

  11. he's been triggered ever since bhutto got yeeted

  12. there is so much bullsh*t and fake stories panjeeets made about pakistan 71 war that it has no ends. their fake news IT cells which churns lies 24/7 against pakistan is what literally drive them and the worst part is these people believe all these things considering thier have billion+ chays who push these stories

  13. India has weird obsession with pakistan and it's cringe. they literally run huge anti Pakistan IT cells and media publications... only a fool will deny indian hate for pakistan. everything on internet regarding to Pakistan will have indians on it

  14. Ban em from Punjab. They can live with their fellow sympathizers

  15. There is a huge community in Karachi and even some in Punjab. They are well off here. Two families live near my house.

  16. yeah some live near me as well in karachi and they are pretty cool

  17. Just seems like fake accounts to get men to send money like in any platform all over the world. I think they were being harassed because their handles were included? That's extra messed up.

  18. no thats not the case. they made this literally to attack Muslim women. google it. this is not the first time.

  19. this is the 2nd time they have done this...just google it

  20. I wouldn’t go that far. He stole hundreds of canals of land in Lahore , took bribes left and right and did the bidding of wealthy people at the expense of the state.

  21. he was a ppp stooge, but if he was alive and not killed by fanatics we could have talked about it. that's why no political leader should be assassinated. it makes them lose accountability.nonetheless he was right about extremists who miss-use Islam

  22. Only Punjabis and Kashmiris exist in India, rest of the ethnicities are close to being non-existent. Punjabis in India are about 2-3% while the Muhajirs in Pakistan are about 7% only. There is very little overlap. Kashmiris are a minority in both countries equally. And rest of the ethnicities are indigenous to Pakistan and India respectively.

  23. bollywood played a huge role in it. since Pakistani drama and film industry for last 40 years was non-existent, India took this opportunity to create some single desi identity though Bollywood which is immensely popular with Pakistani and India diaspora which leads to this identity crisis. once an Indian from Bihar told me that chapli kabab which is made from cow meat and originates from Peshawar region is ethnic Indian cuisine because we are all desi. man never had chapli kabab too lol. this is just one random example how fraud this term is. again their is nothing wrong if you are desi or use it but people need to know the difference. south indians like tamil dont use it either

  24. Pakistani Pashtuns aren’t desi though. There’s different ethnicities within Pakistan.

  25. alot of afghans runs these accounts

  26. tbf you can't be that one sided, pakistan has treated refugees like abs. dirt before and has given Afghanistan a fair amount of shit for them to be complaining. Resentment is only natural buddy. Personally, i just want peace between the two countries but it's also not fair to make Pakistan look completely innocent. no hate--just saying:)

  27. lmao No....afghan refugees have more rights in Pakistan than Afghanistan. look how iran and other countries treat them. Afghan Pashtuns dont like to share power with Tajiks, Hazara, Uzbeks is not Pakistan's fault. read history please. Afghan refugees literally massa.cred Pakistanis in Karachi in 1980s. read about Ali Garh colony mas.sacre. the amount of ethnic hate hate afghans spread and have against Pakistan is unimaginable. not to mention how they were part of terrorism network and all. their hate existed long before they were refugees in Pakistan or existence of Taliban. Pakistanis live in an unreal fantasy world.....peace :)

  28. afghans claims that thier country is 5000 years old and along with their special 5000 year old culture

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