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HEY SNARKERS! 👋 In what ways have you felt victimized, hurt, or preyed on by Brittany Dawn? What harmful behavior of bdong has hurt you - or others - the most? 🤎 let’s fucking talk about our feelings (we have a theme here)

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  1. This might be giving them a tad too much credit, but it’s crazy how this whole production to own the libs is drawing on some classically liberal-hippie aesthetics. I get that there’s the trend factor, but… aren’t you embarrassed, Britt? At best, she looks like a peacenik who smoked too much and wrote the wrong copy before the shirts were made. At worst, she looks like she’s attempting to look 14.

  2. He was also caught fishing for strange bosoms on text while dating Bdong.

  3. So this, I’ve always been curious because I’ve heard it, but how do we know???

  4. I will find the link. It was posted here not too long ago.

  5. It’s wild to be that she had a firm no to IVF but the No was less firm to surrogacy … which involves IVF on another human as well as an egg retrieval from her if she wants a bio child

  6. This is asking the right questions… the answers being, she’s willing to put others in harm’s way that she herself is not willing to go through.

  7. These trips always seem to happen at interesting or well-placed times, i.e. after Pest’s conviction, after Jinger’s book. At one point, I’m sure it served a great end to whisk the kids out of the country in order to distract them effectively until the scrutiny died down (as we know they did this first time J*sh’s accusations came to light, when they stayed in that middle-of-nowhere house and didn’t leave). But now, I’m wondering if it’s a bargaining chip. JankassBitch isn’t as liquid as he once was, but even still, he can still use what he has to fund his creative use of control. No way, say, James or Jason or even Jana could afford let alone dream up an Italian vacation alone. Also, February is nice but a kind of cold and uneventful time to go. JB definitely saved on tickets.

  8. She might be deconstructed but this is the most Mormon picture I’ve seen outside of a temple, holy SMOKES.

  9. It’s so much to explain in a single comment, but if she wasn’t deconstructed, this would be a poster-couple type photo for the church. They’ve both got the “Mormon blonde” thing going on, which is part-genetic inheritance from a concertedly Scandinavian/Germanic religious origination, part-light inbreeding over the last few centuries, part-social media trend accommodated by stylists today. 85% of the church is white and non-Hispanic, they’re a SUPER good-looking, heterosexual couple… I’m sure she knows, she seems really self-aware and is probably making the jokes herself. It’s just so Utah.

  10. Can we elaborate more on the potpourri thing? I seem to have missed that but had no idea it might’ve gotten into the hands of the social worker and they yanked the kid?

  11. Yall. Do you know who her dad married? No judgment to her step-mom. Bffr if this is a shock.

  12. You want my thoughts? My thoughts are that Caleigh has a certain photogenic quality and a superficial charm that no doubt draws men in. Hardy as I'm sure most of you are aware is a lyrical and musical genius, whom I genuinely adore art-wise, but if you didn't know of his work and saw him you wouldn't look twice at him. I'm sure if had held out longer he could've landed a lady to match his talent, albeit in a different area of life, but instead he settled for this wretched bimbo. I'll be the first one to cheer as they divorce...I'll tell you that much.

  13. These men don’t understand the difference between a pick-me and a ride-or-die (I HATE the term “ride-or-die”, but I can’t think of anything else to describe this particular scenario). Speaking towards CB, LA, and KB, these are all women who love their husbands for who they are, outside of their careers, and it shows. The emotional intelligence and mutual care and respect, show. Newcomers who want to recreate that “born in the fire” kind of relationship based on real, committed love often fall back on aesthetics to do it.

  14. It’s giving “My raw milk side business is BOOMING”.

  15. Wait. Y’all tell me your secrets. How did you spot it being a fake?

  16. I mean, people have their hardliner ways of being able to spot fakes, especially if the bag or item is in their hands, but by sight, it’s just years of practice/following fashion/design for me. Louis Vuitton has never made anything with that logo pattern (repeating, large “LV”) in shearling; a telltale is too many trendy components at once (in this case: style of bag, shearling exterior, big logo).

  17. LV definitely does make this exact style (Teddy bumbag). That said, no reason to believe this particular one is authentic knowing what we know about her.

  18. But do you see how misshapen the LV and the fleur are on this one? I might have misspoke above, I just reread it and it’s not my clearest, and I’m not 100%, but the size and positioning of the LV here, as opposed to on an authentic shearling bum bag, look off-centered and oddly sized, like it’s possible this is fabric with a step and repeat pattern, as opposed to the perfectly centered pattern on the real one. That’s what I meant by the sort of trifecta of trendiness, but I get it wasn’t clear.

  19. Performative AF. She probably had a stylist specifically pull all those pieces for this photo op. :poop:

  20. I was going to say… where’s the rest of it? Jason must be really bottoming out the bank account if this is all she’s got.

  21. Ha, see through garage bags? Girl is 100% grabbing those bags from the garbage can as soon as the photo op is done

  22. His bracelet says “E.O.W. 05-03-2020”… who the fuck is that and how are they exploiting it currently?

  23. Scrolled comments because I knew another snarker had to have seen that!?! I thought those were worn out of respect for LEO who lost their life in the line of duty....not some racist douche who got fired for kicking an unarmed, non threatening, black man?!?

  24. I’m still not 100% sure it’s one or the other because I thought he’d been relieved from duty by then, and if it’s commemorating a comrade, like… either way, it feels like stolen valor/cosplay. He’s obviously not close to that community anymore, so wearing it is clearly to signal something to other people. It’s the whole special forces chic thing he loves to rock.

  25. the gravy.... no drippings, garlic, onion, literally anything else?????

  26. I know how to make a kickass vegetarian gravy with all that you're talking about and more. Lori's not stupid, just lazy. Soz.

  27. I’m not going to sound off on the physicality of it all but I have absolutely fucked dudes less attractive than MK because they are funny/wonderful/talented, so I think it’s fair to say that she might be genuinely attracted to him for the same reason(s) that he is invited to the CMAs at all. Also, if you’re not on BC and just letting that shit run wild… your “type” doesn’t often end up turning out to be your “type” because your hormones make it about reproduction, etc., and that can produce some crazy pairings.

  28. Context: Brittany still has her former businesses tagged on both her main and abandoned alt account (which used to be her fitness instagram). All of the posts that were previously tagged with Elle & Rose now link to the Hazel + Layne account, which means she just changed the name of the E&R account to maintain the followers. The link in the bio connects to

  29. I was gonna SAY, who the fuck did she rip that picture from? Can someone from the sub get in touch with Zara and we can generate ourselves some good ‘ole cease and desist snark?

  30. She’s his soulmate but her bone-structure/mouth/hair is a copy-paste of his ex-wife?? Cool, sick.

  31. I legit thought this was his ex wife. I was like oh I thought they broke up 😂

  32. 😂 Honestly, she looks like a combination of Tish and Brandy, Tish’s daughter from a previous relationship that BR adopted. Horrifying.

  33. How difficult would it be to working against someone in your marriage? Trust would be hard to come by.

  34. I feel like you’re wink-wink-nudge-nudging me and I’m not getting it (my bad!), but are you implying that June’s behavior was working against Johnny?

  35. I’m definitely not a June expert. I think Johnny worked against her and their relationship—at least in the beginning. She had to save him, and what woman wants to save a man?

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