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Different sizes of Gardevoir

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  1. España es una potencia? En que universo?

  2. Bring a taunter like grimmsnarl with def EVs and chilling water and misty terrain

  3. They also vandalize in the UK so they're clear in the discrimination department

  4. Poison and bug resisting fighting just doesn't click in my mind. Shouldn't fighting types crush bugs if they can crush rocks

  5. The logic for bug must be bugs being too nimble and many having wings, which I don't completely buy.

  6. What do we call this new hidden stat but?

  7. I am definitely colored impress with this out-of-the-(hit) box thinking.

  8. I think about this all the time when legendary athletes become terrible coaches or announcers/analysts. Unless you're very thoughtful about what you're doing and why, it will all just become muscle memory that you don't notice anymore.

  9. The best at their job are the ones that compress their thoughts process

  10. Jokes on you the map is rotated 180° and you’re getting Portugal instead

  11. Porto Marinada is already to the west coast, that's all they gave portugal lol

  12. There is a mini achievement-like rewards for each 10 pokemon on your Pokedex.

  13. No I don't mean things like the pokedex rewards stuff(which I have already 100%'d). I mean hidden achievements that pop on your screen like "Pawmomad Ali" for evolving Pawmo, that kind of jazz, even without rewards I'd love it.

  14. Ok, you meant like PS Achievements (trophies) for each game? I don't play any other games than Pokemon in my Switch, does any game have this feature?

  15. They could just implement it in game it's not rocket science, but yeah that kind of stuff.

  16. Context: I chose garchomp for this raid and the game decided I was going to be someone else's iron hands

  17. Happened to me the other day with my Scizor cheating on me and the no name Azumarill that got left out battling for me. Even after fainting I still had Azumarill. Thankfully it was just in the raid.

  18. They just need a kick function to boot out the people with bad mons.

  19. Please no cuz everyone will doubt my support Toxtricity support when it's goated

  20. Sounds like an interesting idea, I'm tired of failing 6 stars and this would help

  21. Tip: become a heal slut for your Belly drummer randos, cuz otherwise they're dying.

  22. MKWII CTGP (modded, separate game) has that mode and from the videos I've seen it's so fun

  23. In Toad Factory, if they re-release them together I'll nut

  24. I’ve caught like 4 or 5 shinies so far. I encountered 2 more but they both used explosion before I could catch them and I didn’t save before the battles…

  25. You can escape the battle and the pokemon won't go away, save, and guarantee the capture.

  26. Are sizes completely random? Still nice thing to know

  27. My favorite is umbreon raids where people bring iron hands or azumeril. Turn 1 belly drum. Turn 2 die to foul play. Rinse and repeat

  28. This. The frustration of me using "regular" Pokèmon (Max EV/Bottle Capped, Lvl. 100) only for my team to use half-assed meta Pokèmon and we lose is insane. Like yes, use Belly Drum against a Hydregidon, only for him to kill 2 people off rip and fail the raid.

  29. This is why I've been playing a lot of baby seaters with ally durability moves like screens and heals.

  30. Also seen people spamming swagger in tera raids where the confused status gets auto cleansed and we all get one shot.

  31. I spam swagger on my teammates, we are not the same

  32. I need the shiny of this so bad , I dread doing the hunt but I will hunt 100 shiny dunsparce for that perfect long boi

  33. Exiting your vehicle during a traffic road rage incident is considered a felony in most US states.

  34. They fly around like they’re fueled by crack, it’s insane

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