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  1. I “shot” myself in the thigh when I dropped a* (typo) live round in my garage (I was getting ready to go out to a shooting range I think and I was getting ready), it’s been a bit but I’m pretty sure it was a 7.62.

  2. Pretty sure those are just different departments. Could be HR on the left and the programmer team on the right.

  3. That'd also be a problem. Far bigger in fact. Zero DEI in HR means everyone is going to get F'ed systematically.

  4. Believe me, I know. Enshrining racism and sexism is the Hallmark of DEI.

  5. I thought they were OVER the prop for a sec there. I was like "What Avengers level BS is this?!?!"

  6. Unless you're stationed and don't have a choice, it's very easy to do that.

  7. I salute a fellow troop on their bad decision. 732 days until I PCS back to CONUS from here.

  8. So again, how does my right to own a gun equate to her getting shot?

  9. I didn't figure you'd give me a straight answer. Just say "gUnS BaD".

  10. And what is that? The modern left is doing? Do tell.

  11. Nah I’m good. Stand by your beliefs in public or not at all.

  12. I didn't expect you to actually be serious with your second to last post talking about how your dick is soft and you want someone to eat it for breakfast... "There's no courage like internet courage". Vitriolic little coward.

  13. Rule 3 of Cooper's 4 Rules of Gun Safety: Don't put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot. LOL

  14. I've never even held a gun and I'd know this is not the right way to shoot a gun... How stupid can you be lmao

  15. Rule 3 of Cooper's 4 Rules of Gun Safety: Don't put your finger on the trigger until you're ready to shoot. LOL

  16. So Chicago constitutes something like 5% of all gun violence in America? That feels low. Haha

  17. You find a platform that can handle humans, large animals, and rattle snakes all in one platform, we can have a conversation. Until then, snips cylinder

  18. You gonna tell someone it’s a good idea to carry a flintlock for self protection because they like it?

  19. Abso-fucking-lutely! That would be the most OG gangster news report in the history of self defense.

  20. The fact that this man is still running around on capital hill has been elder abuse for several years now... I'm looking at what the "party of compassion" is doing to him and I'm like "Nah, I'm good".

  21. Nice find. If you get that shit in some rice overnight then you'll be good to go.

  22. The missiles are fired by soldiers, and boy do people in the military fuck up a lot.

  23. Some standard edgelord bullshit... Got it. Jesus Christ you're a one note fart trying to pass as a symphony.

  24. New Zealand did it, so why wouldn't someone else be that stupid?

  25. Military wages are also taxed, they just get other non-taxable benefits too.

  26. You're totally right but the benefits are super inconsistent. A normalization needs to occur.

  27. In some places in the country we make way more money in cash benefits than we do in compensation, in others both combined has us collecting food stamps. That seems... incorrect. If our pay was beefed up and our BAH nerfed I think the system would work a lot better. Then your pay would better represent your rank and not your duty station.

  28. I kinda agree with her though. Gotta downvote. I hate people who complain about their pathetic problems so I fire off some shitty fact like "There are more slaves today than before the US did away with it". Once perspective is thrown in the mix they tend to back peddle or chill the F out.

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