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  1. I've listened to 1+ hour long ragas that are entirely over a single drone, and I wasn't "bored". Brian Eno's Thursday Afternoon is an hour of G major. Maybe some would say that I'm cheating with those example, since they don't consist of "songs" in the strict sense, but, well, I'm gonna use them anyway.

  2. You should check out Changes by King Gizzard if you haven’t already, the whole album is based off of two chords and I don’t think it’s boring. Good example for this discussion, even though they definitely dip into many keys it’s still centered around the same harmonic device throughout so it makes for a cohesive listening experience while also being arguably boring from the side of the argument that rejects the idea of maintaining a consistent pitch set lol

  3. You can technically play any song in any key, so I don’t think the basis of an entire album being in one key necessarily warrants it being boring. You could consider some of King Gizzard’s work to be in “one key” when they’re playing the microtonal guitars- if they’re not changing the placement of the frets throughout the album they’re technically more limited than if they were in 12tet, however I think both KG and LW had interesting points throughout and are microtonal as far as I remember (maybe not LW, definitely KG).

  4. “If something doesn’t sound musical to you, don’t waste time practicing it” - best line from the Mark Levine jazz book B)

  5. I think I remember La fiesta being almost all Phrygian.

  6. La Fiesta is the one I was thinking of but you could probably listen to any Chick album and find quite a bit of 1/b2 root motion. You’re definitely right on the Afrocuban influences in his music, he does a lot of mixing major and minor while centering himself around Phrygian. Mix that with quartal/suspended harmony and you probably have his career B)

  7. Really like Mixolydian and Dorian simply because they have a nice mix of Major/Minor.

  8. Sure! It's really very simple: when you're in a major key, you can borrow chords from the parallel minor key, and vice versa (when you're in a minor key, you can borrow chords from the parallel major key).

  9. This is only the start as well, you can branch out into modes other than major or minor, for example rooting a maj7#11 on the b2 relative to your root will signal that the root is Phrygian.

  10. You can build major seventh chords by playing a major dyad of 1 & 3, then transposing that pattern up a fifth (1-5 and 3-7), and you can do the exact same with minor seventh chords (1-5 and b3-b7). I had known this for a while, but the other day I learned that a major 6th chord is also just a fifth from the root and a fourth from the third (1-5 and 3-6), so to invert it you can play a fourth from the root and a fifth from the third (1-4 and 3-7) to get some cool consonant quartal stuff, this voice leading is obviously possible in every key so I’ve been trying it in different contexts. This is from a bass perspective so I have to consolidate extended harmonies into the range of an 11th at the absolute maximum, but organizing things into octaves is very convenient and still sounds cool B)

  11. The ostinato in 5 that underlies the entirety of Space is the Place.

  12. I believe that we live in a world of cause and effect. That means everything that happens was and is determined. Quick question, did you pick your parents? What city you were born in? Anything at all? You see most people have the illusion of what they like to call libertarian Free Will which is the notion that all things being equal I could have done otherwise. This is what our whole criminal justice system is based on that he didn't have to kill that woman he could have made a different choice. But just think about that for a second if every effect is proceeded by a cause and that cause is the effect of a proceeding cause where is the Free Will in that how could you have done otherwise now imagine this guy that went psycho and started shooting up a store everybody hated him but then he killed himself and they found a note next to him saying it I think there's something wrong with me I've been having these weird headaches and when I'm gone could you please do an autopsy of my brain and when they did that autopsy they found a huge mess pressing down on his amygdala which is the area of the brain associated with fear and aggression. That doesn't your thought towards that man change a little bit? doesn't he seem like more of the victim rather than the perpetrator of his own free will? My point is that everything is a tumor meaning that we don't have control over anything quick pick a movie you got one? Now think of all the movies that you don't know exist were you free to choose that which did not occur to you? All these things may seem trivial but all you have to do is look into it a little bit and you'll see that Free Will is a complete illusion now this doesn't mean that people shouldn't be held accountable if I go out and kill someone whether it was going to happen no matter what or not I'm the agent that did it so I should still be punished and I should still be put in jail but it definitely changes the way that we look at people and we see that people are just along for the ride if you know what I mean so yeah the drugs might have affected me and negative in a negative way but you not doing enough drugs might have affected you in a negative way. All I know is that I'm along for the ride and I'm just watching where it takes me I'm not a bad person I just like to reflect and do my best to be comfortable with the cold hard reality of the situation and that is nobody knows what the fuck is going on and don't get it twisted this is not nihilism in fact I'm a practicing Zen Buddhist this is just realism this is just taking things to their logical conclusion this is just taking human knowledge as far as we can take it not saying we know everything but I would never claim absolute certainty about anything and having that ADHD which is made me impulsive has caused me to do some stupid things not thinking things through but it's also allowed me to take risks that I'm so grateful that I did take it allowed me to drop everything and go live in Europe for two years with a beautiful woman in Poland and learn the language play gigs around the country you want to know what drug fucks people up? Everyone has one and everyone uses it and no it's not sugar that comes in a close second it's television social media little dopamine hits looking for social approval looking for people to commend us on our person suit and the many masks that we wear to hide who we really are anyways I hope we get to meet someday and hang out shoot the shit at least over the phone or something I'm not an absolute nut job I've never been arrested there have been in a fight I'm just a psycho not just a psychedelic person just trying to understand what can never be understood it's just it's just part of who we are. All the best.

  13. I think free will exists the moment you make a decision to do one thing, and then change your mind and do another. This is a pointless argument because you could say that your mind was ultimately changed before you made the decision, however while there are some things I cannot control there are some things I certainly can. I could go for a walk or practice more bass right now, but I’m choosing to respond to you on reddit. The cause of this could be ultimately traced back to my birth, but I think many of the ideas we keep in our heads are uniquely ours as identified by their phrasing and synthesis of information, meaning any decisions we make as a result are not predetermined but, for lack of a better term, are rather some form of new energy that we introduce into the universe, even if it’s only personally felt. Because our experiences are entirely individual free will can both exist and be nonexistent, so long as I believe I have it and you don’t.

  14. Actually it is harder instrument if you play it like a guitar. Try playing a complex guitar solo with bass. Not easy.

  15. To your follow up question yes, if you play the pentatonic scale for the corresponding chord in a key (in C major you have G major pentatonic, A minor pentatonic, etc) you will be in key. You can also alter the diminished scale to fit a pentatonic, all you need to do if you’re in C major is play your regular minor pentatonic but flat the 5 by a half step.

  16. Evidently, not always. I’ve played #10s many a time.

  17. It’s ok, I would’ve interpreted it as a “major 10th” over a minor chord and not an 11. Context is important and I play major over minor chords all the time, so that makes sense to me in the same way “maj7#5” means major with a minor 6th instead of a 5th. Degrees don’t mean shit if you’re no fun to jam with B)

  18. Here are the chords for yesterday. There are a lot of minor chords and that's why parts of it sound "sad":

  19. Not necessarily, more important than the quality of the chord you’re playing is the key it’s related to. You can play a major chord on the b6 and it will likely sound like a darker change than playing a minor chord on the 6 from the 1, because playing a major chord on the b6 would signify minor by including both the minor 6 and minor 3, whereas playing a minor chord on the 6 in major would technically still contain 3 more sharps than the parallel 6 in minor, assuming both keys share the same root.

  20. Yeah that’s true lol, I can see how some 80’s drum fill fade outs have a bit of a bepop feel but I think it would be really funny if Take On Me had a 16-bar drum fill that kicked right into the chorus or something

  21. Yeah I’ve considered getting tutoring. Just a bit overwhelmed at this stage looking for some guidance

  22. See if there’s a jazz improv class at a local college and go sit in as much as you can without paying. If you do the work for the course on your own you’ll learn a lot in just the first few weeks, all it takes is someone a little more knowledgeable than you to point you towards how you should be thinking about things and I think you could easily handle an introductory college jazz course with the skills you have.

  23. You may be referring to Bb, as that’s technically a half-step up from A, in which case you’re a Tritone away from where you want to be. Try turning the Bb into a dominant chord and resolving it to E dominant, that’s called a tritone-substitution and it always sounds cool imo. You could also try going to Bbmin7#11, resolving back down a half step to Adom7, turning that Adom7 into an Amaj7, and going back to E from that A if you want it to be a bit more functional. I’m assuming you want to resolve to E major, if you want e minor the A chord should be a ivmin7#13 or Dorian.

  24. As far as I know Bach was a fan of Sun Ra and studied using music YouTube somewhat extensively.

  25. I do ASL style, thumb, index and middle. Since learned ASL I can't see the index, middle, ring style as anything other than a W.

  26. Since learning ASL style I can’t see the index, middle, and ring style as anything other than uncomfortable. It feels so much more unnatural than t-i-m, I don’t know why we ever used it for 3 in the first place lol

  27. I think it's probably directional. If we're counting on our fingers we go 1, 2 in the same direction and suddenly switching to the opposite direction for 3 and then going to original direction for 4 and 5 can be unintuitive, especially for small children who are learning how to count on their fingers and write at about the same time. We write all in one direction, so it feels natural to do the same with other things.

  28. I suppose I start with my thumb when using my fingers to count and not to represent 1 with my hands, maybe the directionality and signaling 3 that way is why.

  29. I looked through and wasn’t able to find songs that were not his, to clarify was looking for non-Elvis songs that influenced him to make the music that he made

  30. You should listen to the Death By Music Podcast episode about Elvis, it’s just a biography on Elvis but it talks about where he got his music from and how his record label encouraged the whitewashing of rock history through the lens of his success. A lot of the songs he performed and recorded weren’t his.

  31. That’s the logical answer. But had they already been referred to as high and low before the physical properties of sound frequencies had been discovered?

  32. The physics just confirmed our intuition, we technically already knew they were higher and lower than each other before knowing about “sound frequencies.”

  33. I know that musicians of different genres view concepts in theory differently, but from my context as a Jazz pianist and composer, I'd say that I agree with some of your points and disagree with others.

  34. In modal jazz you avoid ii-V cadences and instead oscillate between tonic and modal chord (for example v or bVII in mixolydian).

  35. Some modal jazz avoids ii-V cadences, however I think it is important to mention that soloists playing over these simple two-chord modal progressions will often do their own ii-V chains to create false movement in different keys while still resolving back to the tonic mode.

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