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  1. I have tried this over and over again. And whenever I do so, it takes a few days for the phone for to fall of the couch etc. because it's so insanely slippery and it goes back into the case - with a few more scratches. :/

  2. Seriously, you don't need more safety measures to "feel" more safe. IMO, you should evaluate your attitude towards that kind of stuff. What you already do is more than enough. If that still leaves you paranoid you should consider to stop using computers at all.

  3. It is. Once you’re used to higher end headphones, you’ll notice differences.

  4. Every single person I know uses Whatsapp (as the bare binimum) or Telegram. Noone relies on sms/mms thecnology anymore in my country, except companies for technical communications or spam.

  5. Apple to Apple it's not SMS but instant messaging. And I rather use that than giving my data to Meta. For the "rest" there's Signal.

  6. Idk if something has changed, but iMessage used to be on SMS/MMS technology, and really having to care about the phone brand of you recipent sounds anachronistic. Whatsapp being Meta is a recent thing and I've been on Telegram since it was released. I've heard about Signal only when trumpers fled from Twitter censorship.

  7. I totally agree. But somehow I got used to it. When you use iMessage, the color of the bubbles indicate what kind of message you are sending. When the bubble is blue, the recipient uses an iPhone, so the message will be sent as instant message. When the bubble is green, it will send an sms. And the send button has that colors too, so you can see upfront what kind of message you’re going to send. And yes, I use Telegram too. But in my opinion it ist more a social network and cloud service. For example I use it to share files across all of my devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad etc.) and I follow news stations. And there are some groups. But for simple messaging I stick to Signal because the messages in Telegram are not encrypted by default. I’m not saying Telegram is a bad app for this reason, it’s just different.

  8. Unfortunately my Newton stopped working 10 years ago. :(

  9. …and I added a wired mouse. It also works! Awesome!

  10. I was just trying it out, and it works here, too. Thank you for sharing! That‘s great!

  11. Because IMHO nobody needs that kind of thing! I just bought a 13 mini and intend to keep it as long as possible.

  12. I have loved that device but couldn't afford one, so I stuck with my iBook G4, which was quite nice too.

  13. You think she would adopt a 47 yo male? I have already graduated. :D

  14. Das ist eine harmlose Ringelnatter. Setze sie an einen ruhigen Platz in der Natur.

  15. Adding a notch to the iPhone X was a masterpiece of cooporation between marketing and design. The point is that some people will pay a lot to be able to show that you have the latest iPhone. Kinda like they keep recycling the colors every year - the iPhone 13 looks identical to the 12, except if you buy the green one, because the 12 doesn't exist in green.

  16. No, they don't look identical. The camera module on the 13 is noticeably larger.

  17. I don’t, I prefer using a computer if I want to do ‘real’ typing. I played with Apple’s keyboards for the iPads at stores and they were all inferior so I have yet to find a keyboard I can get with

  18. I would have murdered for one of these back then. 😀

  19. Somehow I don't get this post. The standard Mac user uses two MacBooks at once and drinks two beverages? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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