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  1. Iris from "Strongest Sage with the weakest crest" her VA just had a birthday. I thought she was basically the best part about the show haha.

  2. Nonono. It just blasts out after feeling like your constipated when you do that. I feel like diarrhea just flows from everywhere directly to your rectum like osmosis. It's the worst sensation. It doesn't take the same route as regular shit.

  3. My rule is to "be flexible". Even a first episode has to offer some rewards -- or at least seem to promise rewards (story, visual appeal, VA performances, music ...). If a first episode offers nothing that appeals, I apply the one episode rule. ;-) Once past that, I put shows on probation on an episode by episode basis, If a show continues to offer something of (non-trivial) value that appeals to me, I keep watching. At a certain point, I trust a show enough that becomes a keeper. Sometimes "promising" shows don't really blossom (and begin to fulfill those promises) until halfway through a first season (viz. Blue Reflection Ray). Sometimes solid keepers (almost from ep. 1) swerve off course and go over a cliff right before the end (looking at you, Wonder Egg Priority).

  4. By the third episode of "Wonder Egg Priority" I was like. This show is obviously not for me.

  5. By that account we should be applying the 13 episode rule of waiting for the anime to finish and the special episode before judging it.

  6. It's what I call dragon girls cause they like to eat a lot. "Lily" is my fav so far.

  7. There are very few things cuter than watching a girl scarf down food, or is that weird? "Luna" is probably my favorite dragon girl name.

  8. I wonder why there is such a strong link between homophobia and antisemitism. You often see the Star of David tucked in these sort of “memes”.

  9. It should have two white people. That buff dude and his gf that looks like she's 8.

  10. Considering you have seen Dragon maid in it's many forms I think that's a good guess. It's like the only dragon that she doesn't have "fightin' vibes" with. Kinda an older sister. Lucoa is also very thoughtful in that she basically saved Shoutas life.

  11. I don't know if she saved Shoutas life but his life wouldn't be the same without her indeed.

  12. Well you know how Tohru and Elma always seem to be in each other's face? That's kind of what I meant. Lucoa is the chilliest. (sometimes a little too relaxed.)

  13. I mean people need to make their payments but I would be pissed if I was their neighbor and a tow truck driver drove on my lawn.

  14. The sidewalk is the city property. Think of your tax money. Maybe Pecker BootyJudge could throw some money at it.

  15. They could have permanent disabled plates. Those don't require a placard.

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