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  1. Woah that is incredible , where can these be found?

  2. Meades instagram is "Meadesknives", not sure if hes taking any orders right now.

  3. Ahh gotcha, well its an immaculate knife and that Mammoth..* chefs kiss *🔥

  4. What are both of them please. That top one is sexy as all get out.

  5. Top one is a Starlit by Michael Raymond. Bottom one is a LDA8 by Guillaume Ducasse

  6. That is a nice leverlock 'saut ouvert' kinda knife. I'm guessing made in France, by the name..

  7. Lol 2900 Dollars. Fucking clown shoes.

  8. If you find one of these for 2900, give me a call. I'll buy every single one of them.

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