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  1. Here’s the bets they had: Genesis Digital, HOLE (shady ass token), Polygon (MATIC), Sequoia, Voyager Digital, Aptos and Yuga Labs.

  2. Goes to show it really is all about who you know

  3. Honestly China confuses the shit out of me. They're train of thinking seems so backward

  4. Well at least he didn't put all his eggs in one basket

  5. People don't like other peoples opinions that don't conform to their own

  6. If he was a scapegoat he'll probably die by "suicide" soon

  7. Looks like a cool NFT. I've got FOMO but never contributed to WSB so will just have to deal lol

  8. That's a pretty sweeping statement. There will probably be a new asset class in the future that we can't even comprehend right now

  9. So do machinksy with celsius. It seems like a common theme around centralised entities in the crypto space

  10. Can never trust any word they spit out. This just change narratives as they please.

  11. All to manipulate retail. It’s best to assume they believe the opposite of what they say publicly

  12. So FTX basically robbed their own customers for political donations. Well it looks like the politicians got your money one way or another

  13. Oh they’re not being manipulated. They know exactly what they’re doing

  14. Just imagine if this had have happened during a bull run

  15. This mindset is detrimental to the space. It’s like me wishing my friend fails when it has no impact on my life what so ever

  16. If the bear stays for a long time it’s a good opportunity to accumulate. If not then we make money. It’s a win win

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