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  1. <3 Lux, one of the few people that can keep WoW entertaining in spite of itself.

  2. This is so fucking stupid it borders on misinformation.

  3. I don't know why I hate this, but I have your wife to blame...

  4. Same with democrats. We’re all stupid :/

  5. No, supply chain impact from a multi-year pandemic being ignored and 40+ years of wage stagnation don't give fuck about rent/wages if you were asking.

  6. The defacto party of hypocrisy, treason, sedition and killing its own constituents.

  7. Run the country on a sugar high for years, bottom will fall out eventually. Just as designed/intended.

  8. No they don't have full bars (at least not most/average), mostly due to the liquor licensing in this state.

  9. Assorted Table at 7th Street Market has some very nice ports. I would imagine they have Madeira as well.

  10. +1 for Assorted Table, great selection and very helpful in recommendations.

  11. Sitting in a lane doing nothing, when other non-transit lanes are available? For sure.

  12. It's almost like the train was a stupid idea, especially when it shares the same lanes as cars.

  13. Or you could have non emergency services park anywhere on a multilane street. Cops have particular experience in sitting in lanes doing nothing, so let them lead, right?

  14. I typically go somewhere chill and where I know the bartenders.

  15. Chaos can be fun, particularly if there's a point/theme/wincon to it.

  16. They're just going to outright end democracy aren't they

  17. That's what Republicans have been aiming for the past 50+ years, so yea they'll keep trying until they are stopped.

  18. 1911s deserve better than being marked and marketed by traitors and seditionists.

  19. Sure the Democrats will keep Abortion rights and are the better option than the Republicans, don't forget though two wrongs don't make a right.

  20. But this is a never-ending circle don't you see? Vote Democrat because without electoral reform third parties aren't viable, well the democrats rigged their entire Primary system to ensure Bernie didn't win the nomination, so they sure as SHIT aren't going to reform anything that takes away their guaranteed stranglehold.

  21. …and the pro-choice movement failed to take advantage of that 50 year period to codify Roe v Wade into law.

  22. Dumb question, but is there any reason to believe the SC wouldn't rule a 'codified' Roe v Wade law as unconstitutional, I'd they were more than happy to overturn a precious decision?

  23. Weird how Republicans are no longer concerned about a "revisionist court legislating from the bench", as soon as they're able to stuff it with their own.

  24. Do not use Charlotte Mechanical, have previously recommended them, but due to management and/or other changes their work can no longer be trusted.

  25. Go wide plus [[day of the dragons]] , or at least that is what my azorious decks usually end up doing...

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