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  1. A "liability" that increases in value, while your equity increases, and your rent payment (i.e. mortgage) never increases over a 30 year fixed loan period? Definately not a liability.

  2. Close to water or over by csu/belmont shores is quite nice. Avoid north of downtown.

  3. In LA figure you will spend $2.5-$3.0m for a decent home near coast. Housing is main cost.

  4. Westside, for example Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Playa Vista, Mar Vista, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Sawtelle, West LA, Culver City. Or, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills. Or, San Marino, South Pasadena, Monrovia, Arcadia. Or, Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, South Torrance, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach. Or, Belmont Shores, Signal Hill.

  5. As a woman with experience living in North Torrance, I also think it's fine and it's so much more affordable than South Torrance. Also the freeway access is much better for someone going to downtown once a week.

  6. So I was a bit put off by your words and I went and watched it, ready to love it and ready to return and report that I like the fucking show. Well...

  7. A little over 5 years ago, a coworker of mine actually punched this guy out. My coworker (who was very much a New Jersey stereotype and bore a strong resemblance to Vin Diesel) was walking to his car after a 14 hour day at work and was in no mood to put up with this guy's shit. The Biking Viking kept following my coworker and riding around him in smaller and smaller circles, getting closer and closer with each pass, all while making a tomahawk chop motion and yelling profanities. Finally this guy got close enough for my coworker to grab him by the safety vest and punch him in the face. The dude just rode off.

  8. Omg awesome. I have been fantasizing about that. Guy has been a menace for years and I am surprised he hasnt been permanantly taken out of commission.

  9. Relative to the wealth in LA, the prices of these homes are NOT HIGH. There are tens of thousands of high earners still trying to get into a home and they can afford to pay these prices. We will go higher even with rising interest rates. It may not be as parabolic as we've seen, but it will keep going up.

  10. This. There is way more money in LA and people wanting to be in LA than Redditors realize.

  11. People forget that LA is an international market. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here or how much your friends make, people all around the world want to buy and live here.

  12. So then LA is following its plan. Idiotic use of an adverb in the headline.

  13. Make sure you have a place to live and a source of income so you don't end up homeless.

  14. If it can benefit the existing community then no, it's not bad.

  15. You mean as "enforcement of existing laws against camping on sidewalks, drug use, public urination, and parking" worsen.

  16. Police arrest two follow-home robbery suspects downtown

  17. South torrance, manhattan beach, PV, playa vista, south pasadena, santa monica, del rey, mdr,pdr, el segundo, brentwood,. All good areas with lots of other children.

  18. Doesn't mean the effects aren't felt. Prop 13, for example. Guess who wasn't able to get mortgages for years while that was being voted in, and who's the major beneficiary of it?

  19. Rent control benefits renters just like prop 13 benefits homeowners. LA is a historically tenant-friendly place. Look at all the eviction moratoriums as another example.

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