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  1. This shit is getting so old. I fear this is going to become a trend after every election. The amount of people who believe that these elections are flat out rigged is scary. It’s damn near half of the country, and we have political leaders throwing fuel on the fire.

  2. This is the guy we hoped for. If this is the guy who plays the rest of the season I mean….fuck

  3. Then we will win the championship and there is no need for another star, we got him!

  4. We need to fix a few things though. We can't have games like this from our 1-2 and it still be a 1 point game.

  5. Couldn’t agree more with every one of those points. But I’ve been pretty consistent with my opinion that the Suns need to add another star player and shot creator/ elite scorer to get over the hump, but if DA consistently gives us what he’s done the last couple games then that changes for me. The thought of Ayton playing like that with Booker after Cam J and CP3 get back into form is scary. And I think a lot of those issues you mentioned will be addressed before the postseason, we ought to be able to get a solid piece in return for Crowder and JJ is still sitting on all those draft picks. So with this version of Ayton, we still need to fill some holes but the need for another star diminishes in my view

  6. Except Ayton isn't a complete bonehead on defense

  7. I saw someone on this sub say that Amare rebounded and played better defense than Ayton. I get the Ayton hate on offense when thinking of Amare, but some here have some thick rose colored glasses to think Amare played good defense....

  8. I definitely have rose colored glasses for Amare as he is my favorite Sun of all time, and I can agree he did not play great defense. Those Suns teams from 2003-09 all played average defense at best, some were below average but holy shit those offenses were historically dynamic, especially 04-05. That was the 2nd greatest team to not win a title in NBA history IMO, only behind the 73 win warriors.

  9. I never thought I’d be saying that this comparison would be disrespect to… Ayton! 20 boards and elite defense, he can be Amare on steroids.

  10. Here’s the things DA said that were more than music to my ears, basically orgasms to my ears

  11. Deandre Ayton I am so sorry for everything I said over the summer

  12. The Suns are now 13-0 when outscoring their opponents.

  13. The Suns are now 2-0 when Deandre Ayton is Godzilla

  14. Yo why aren’t the jazz fouling!? Hahahah yes!

  15. Personally I just like to see him do the flex after a dunk. It's legitimately the best Flex in the NBA.

  16. Am I the only one who sees it as good news every time CP3 is out before a game? He’s always been open about how he doesn’t believe in load management, but I’d be happy to see him load manage 75% of the season because 1. it preserves his miles for the playoffs and 2. it’s allowing the team to grow, forcing guys like Ayton and Bridges to step up which will benefit them in the playoffs

  17. But where is Payne? I expected him to start floating into frame.

  18. He is in it, Mike Vigil is the one who recorded that at the game tonight but whoever posted on

  19. Not afraid of anything anymore, any playoff hopes we had left were shut closed after Monday’s loss. Apart of me would like to see it all implode even worse to urge Bidwill to clean slate

  20. It’s where they inbound the ball and it also bounds the team bench area. I think they refer to it as the coaches box it helps refs see when players or coaches are over their designated boundaries

  21. Glad another city outside of Phoenix recognizes that he’s a total cunt

  22. Wait why do you guys hate Robert Horry? I am now a pistons fan too

  23. I’ve wanted it more than I want food, sex, and oxygen combined

  24. Big second half from Mikal after he broke out of Mikal Jail too.

  25. Any night we watch Deandre Ayton & Mikal Bridges lead the Suns to a W is an even better night 🤝

  26. Any night we watch Deandre Ayton lead the Suns to a W is a good night.

  27. Big second half from Mikal after he broke out of Mikal Jail too.

  28. Any night we watch Deandre Ayton & Mikal Bridges lead the Suns to a W is an even better night 🤝

  29. 26 PTS for DA tying a season-high, and a team-high +12. He needed a game like tonight

  30. Someone make the Peter Parker glasses meme with Ayton and Amare... STAT!

  31. Lmao I did this with Cam Payne and Allen Iverson. I am on it 🫡

  32. He has opportunities to do this at least twice a game. Unfortunately we won’t see it again until February

  33. He could do this every time he attacks the rim if he wanted. Even if he doesn’t finish with the hammer he will likely draw contact and a foul.

  34. With one TO and 3:17 not being able to stop their offense, that’s game

  35. This is one of those games where whoever gets the ball last wins, and it looks like it’s shaping up pretty well for UA

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