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  1. You hair sounds cool. Like storm. Do you look like Storm? I wish she would get her own spin off movie.

  2. Curl pattern typically shows after a baby is a few months old. You're not going to see a change at this point, sorry. I love how you described the locs you want as "Soundcloud rapper" dreads rofl. I know exactly what you mean xD You'll have to crochet since you have straight hair.

  3. Do you recommend that I perm my hair to achieve this certain look Becuase I have not seen Somone with the same hair texture as me achieve the same look

  4. I am not sure what sound cloud rappers are and what kind of dreads they have but the two guys you mention seem to have normal dreadlocks for young black men. They are not natural so you would probably have to put them in exactly how you want them. Your hair will naturally dread, it will just take time and patience... most importantly negligence. Just wash your hair regularly and dont touch it after that. No brushing, no fingers through your hair, nothing.

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