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  1. From my subjective experience, if you go in alert and attentive, but accepting you might not get everything at first, you'll be fine. Do pay attention, but don't stress the small stuff.

  2. If I remember correctly, I think the Seguleh consider him weak/harmless and not worthy of dueling

  3. I got hooked with GotM, though maybe not emotionally invested. While I enjoyed DG, MOI is the point where I was absolutely committed.

  4. Just gonna point out the "different eras" thing you might have heard is misleading. The lore of the world takes place that way, and you get flashbacks, but the story is mostly happening in the present.

  5. Im still reading the series (book 9 at the moment), but I'm still loving so far.

  6. I do books for first time reads. Just a personal preference, I could see ebooks working too.

  7. All I can now imagine is him pronouncing all the names as the substitute teacher from the inner city from that sketch.

  8. I'd say give it a try. You're definitely more well-read in fantasy and sci-fi than me.

  9. Tone-wise, it has a mix of typical Erikson darkness with one plot-line being the exact opposite, running into absurdist comedy. I found it jarring at first, but really came to enjoy it once I got farther in.

  10. Sorry if I ranted. There is a massive obsession with Sanderson right now and all I hear when it comes to fantasy is how great his stuff is, and I'm like, it's mediocre, but I have nobody to share my feelings with because nobody feels the way I do. It's a lonely hill.

  11. You have my sympathy. I've only read one of his novels (the first mistborn) and felt underwhelmed. For all the praise he gets, I don't think I could bring myself to try any other Sanderson novels.

  12. Respelling the Dbmaj as C#maj, I read this as a II IV I V in the key of B major. This interpretation lends itself to a sort of Lydian sounding progression (with C#maj being the borrowed II facilitating that) which fits with your "overly happy" and "almost manic" description.

  13. Doesn't have to be in B. Could still have C# as the tonic with a I bIII bVII IV progession. Think I saw 12tone call it a "plagal cascade"

  14. Heads-up, the game might recommend Old Hearts at level 15. DO NOT trust that. Tried that one playthrough and it was a struggle

  15. Going off of SandysBurner's comment, you could play the previous, assumably major melody intact over a dissonant pedal tone. Eg: play a C major melody over an F# or Db pedal.

  16. I get it’s the root note 4th and 5th , why note regular b like how asus4 has a , d , and e notes?

  17. Important to remember that other natural notes only have naturals for their 4ths and 5ths, B and F are a tritone apart. So the fifth for B is F#, and the 4th for F is Bb

  18. Certain stylistic choices singers make. Top 40 country can get on my nerves. "Dance monkey" has a nice backing arrangement, but the vocals bug me.

  19. Sorry to go off prompt with a not-book, but the signals music studio youtube channel is a good soure

  20. The general rule of thumb I've seen is to avoid extensions that create a m9 interval UNLESS you want that tension. (But it really is up to taste, and voicing)

  21. Doubt I could add anything that hasn't been said. Just wanted to say it sounds nice, I really like the C - E (major) - G - Am part

  22. There are things that are probably easier/simpler to play on keyboard than guitar, which is why I picked that up even though I had some experience with guitar.

  23. If you want a tense feel, you could always use diminished chords (e.g. Girl Anachronism by the Dresden Dolls, not that they stick with that alone). The octatonic scale's a possible idea, plus you can utilize some semitonal chord movement

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