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  1. Remember to negotiate your personal bills. My family had around 80k billed and where able to negotiate it down to a couple thousand.

  2. Man I miss Decker. If I recall he wanted to come back to Denver but they never sent him an offer.

  3. If I went back to do it over again I'd likely go CAA. They practice in my state,have similar hours to CRNAs, same liability, make decent money, and could've started a family about 6 years earlier than I did.

  4. I've shot 1936 made 9mm Steyr without issue. Put about 30 rounds through it with zero malfunctions. Keeping the rest for display though.

  5. Mind sharing your recipe? Still trying to fund a good load for mine.

  6. This sounds like a great setup. Are you doing a CV fellowship first or able to jump right into doing cardiac cases?

  7. Not OP but joining heart team at my practice without fellowship. We just do "simple" CABGs, occasional valves, and a shit ton of TAVRs.

  8. I concur. Several times, I have had referring doc recommend a spinal for a patient with critical aortic stenosis. I had to explain why that would be the worst anesthetic. The other docs just don’t understand physiology as well as anesthesiologists. Especially the physiology of anesthesia.

  9. I love this so much. "Pt with significant comorbidities including severe AS, presents with thrombocytopenia and dehydration, recommend spinal anesthetic to avoid GA."

  10. I’d never heard of the McGuyvering you guys do — that’s fascinating. Can you give some examples of stuff you’ve done?

  11. Nasal rae not long enough? Easy, cut an MLT tube and an oral rae and make your own.

  12. I get that residents don’t make a LOT of money but a resident salary is still close to the median income for the US. 40% of people in the country get by with less. Don’t live in a van my dude. Rent an apartment or house.

  13. Depends on where you live, but right now is a terrible time to buy. Great time for selling though. Asking 100k over what we paid for our house just 3 years ago.

  14. We use neurostimulators to check twitches after administering paralytics to make sure we have adequately reversed/pt has metabolized the paralytic. My guess is that might be what you are referring to?

  15. In a scope room after patient was already observed waking up? Under twilight anesthesia?

  16. And the blurb for the Broncos starts that we've done "better than most" nah. We've done better than anyone else against Belichick

  17. I read that and was like wtf? 10-10 is best w/l record on the list.

  18. Tell the CRNA does she or he want to be responsible for the Cerebral palsy or dead baby. They need to shut their mouth.

  19. Anesthesia resident here who has done probably around 100 overnight sections and at best 1/3 of them were truly emergent/urgent. A lot of just getting them done because OB has a bunch of scheduled cases the next day. If that's how it has to go then so be it, just don't try and sell me on it being an actual emergency.

  20. One of our attendings said they tried it for awhile at an endoscopy suite and that the amount it would take to get the GI docs happy led to too much airway obstruction. Did say super fast wear off time though.

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