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Minneapolis 7/21/22

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  1. Rhode Island/Boston based but he got around

  2. Still hella of his shit in Rhode Island. One of the more prominent/respected dudes here ! RIP

  3. I play with compact keyboard but turned my 1-9 keys to direct chat. I just scroll wheel to select weapons and stuff. Honestly makes me mad more ppl don’t do this.

  4. I changed my maps so long ago I I forgot that was the default. Mouse scroll for weapons 1-9 for direct comms is 100% the way , I get mad at post scriptum that the scroll don’t work

  5. Don't stress, no news is good news... or no progress, either way you're winning. Once you get access to a computer you can look it up on your ERB. Well... you can if the ERB has been updated.

  6. use squad as practice for socializing! you're never gonna talk to these dipfucks again!

  7. That’s funny asf I literally told my wife this a while ago. Squad leading in squad has improve my ability to talk to people and get over social anxiety. Giving people orders and dealing with criticism has help tremendously

  8. So the revolutionary era flags are a sign on extremism? It’s almost like the government became the redcoats again and don’t want to remember how we became free in the first place

  9. Don’t know for sure but I’m think add stained hand rail to the ceiling and then the balusters. I think balusters straight to the ceiling would look incomplete. Carpenter is a lot of thinking outside of box and unconventional art

  10. Guatemala should do what Salvador is doing. Lock them cocksuckers up no questions asked. Why ? Cause even though their roosts are in L.A. they operate a completely different way. They rape murder and extort the hardworking citizens who hardly have anything themselves. Yep, rape is on the menu for them, nothing is off limits.

  11. Yeah my wife’s family is from there and they said recently the gangs are going into random peoples homes and killing then and they have no idea why shits crazy

  12. Nah she isn’t even top 10 in congress. Bunch of others ahead of her in investments.

  13. I think it was sarcasm as to the idea she’s heavily involved in insider trading… she had quite a few trades that line up “coincidently” well

  14. Because he’s not professionally trained for one, and for two the pain was to much for him to handle and for three because he wasn’t looking for other charges. Just hoping the rifle scares the cashier into complying. These are street thugs not trained military personnel lol

  15. Its all fun and games until he gets his wig split.

  16. Just like 50% of smokes fan base 😅 just like young boy dudes fan base is like 50% 12 year old twitch streamers lmfao

  17. Id serve him tho. He looks like he gonna get an opiod addiction. Thate all white people are good for, using drugs. Serve them with a smile.

  18. Boy most the big connects are white 😅 just because your 5 tiers down don’t mean rich whites and Spanish ain’t part of the circle. I guess blacks are just good for street level peddling lmfao y’all would be crying if someone came out and said that 🥹 *edit got you so crying so bad you deleted your account or blocked me lmfao

  19. These bitches have caused so much damage to girls all around the world

  20. “I’m a big dog put that puppy in his place”. Can’t even front that’s a good bar right dur

  21. All that money and doesn’t have a holster for the pistol lol took him 25 seconds to get it out lmfao

  22. Though from multiple podcasts I’ve listened to they do say that navy seals have a higher standoff ish attitude as the rangers are more humbled but still badass none the less

  23. green berets 2014 speaks on working with rangers at one point and says there good and respected it’s just there “regimented” probably strict SOPs as delta force are more inconveniental and do things differently

  24. No , your just the 13 year old version of me. Hello little Kyle. Everything’s going to be okay 👍

  25. On Your tongue ? Okay if you insist. You really need to keep up with whose the girl here

  26. I often do this too but the problem is you really do get the leftovers

  27. If I don’t feel like sqaud leading I’ll just wait until someone gets kicked , Sqaud hop tbh or switch servers. I have a bad tendency of not wanting to squad lead and then joining a bad squad and end up leading and then going on a. 4 hour bender lol. I used to love sqaud leading but the community can get pretty toxic and draining so now I really just try to pilot lol

  28. I never join the sqaud because it’s usually led by a dude who doesn’t actually want to be SL lol

  29. Look into GeForce now , it’s a steaming platform for pc and doesn’t solely rely on computer hardware. You can run pc games on Mac this way. I played arma 3 , sqaud , post scriptum , trucking sims, dayz and war of rights on my MacBook this way all with epic settings as well and great frame rates

  30. Look into GeForce now , it’s a streaming platform and doesn’t solely rely on computer hardware. You can run pc games on Mac this way. I played arma 3 , sqaud , post scriptum , trucking sims, dayz and war of rights on my MacBook this way all with epic settings as well and great frame rates

  31. The funny ass part is Dave chapelle started his whole career trying to get him self canceled lmfao he gives zero fucks. It’s like these people don’t even know who he actually is

  32. Grounded base in the reality of poor neighborhoods and the mindsets of those afflicted tbh. 13 in the hood unfortunately is not the same 13 in affluent neighborhoods. It’s gross but it’s true. My point is when I was 13 in these areas we all literally talked about how we running from the police and don’t give a fuck and fuck 12. But on the news they paint them as scared little boys who’ve done nothing wrong. It’s gross how the media uses them.

  33. The way I put it is 13 years old in a affluent neighborhood doesn’t have to worry about gang affiliation or proving themselves. So yeah there kind of force to behave this way but at the end of the day they still have a choice. I did . And I can thankfully said I said fuck all that shit but you get made fun of and called a bitch or pussy. It’s a cycle of violence and It’s sad. But you still have a choice. I really blame it on the parents and early childhood influence from a physiological standpoint.

  34. 2012 ass hat Niggas finna wear it on the pants😂😂

  35. And they over sell him. Seen a commercial about him claiming he was a ranger , he was not

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