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  1. Like trying to pull a Christmas tree through a door top first!

  2. M&Ms and Twix are made by the same company you fucking halfwit lol

  3. You’re sick, all combatants have mothers and fathers and maybe 20% of the Russians truly want to be there

  4. 20% lol! They can retreat at any time and until then I enjoy the sunflower fertilizer.

  5. This is exactly what I did, they cleaned it themselves better than I ever could and not an ant was hurt. Also, the games still work!

  6. Stalled? Conscript every male of fighting age will ruin russia from the inside, not the smartest people but keep sucking putins little cock. the west has endless money / supplies when it comes to Ukraine.

  7. Including the huuuuge dildo collection, he looks like a clown lol.

  8. So the vote turned 15 and Matt Gaetz lost interest ?

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