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  1. Auckland Mayoral race seems to become a bit like the Eurovision Song Contest.

  2. Malaysia has a legalized system of racial discrimination.

  3. I was yesterday years old when I saw them in Papua New Guinea

  4. Well, it's not really easy for a company to take a political stand.

  5. Op will be fine, but if he is not fine and gets caught, then he'll be fined. Just a word play. Of course OP will be fine and won't get a fine.

  6. Didn't they establish a group to watch out for sexual abuse of their employees? I think its called "Apple Watch"

  7. On the top of the box is a Quality Guarantee, that if you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can contact them.

  8. Who else came here to spend 5 minutes looking for Tyrannosaurus Rex

  9. I was actually looking for the Bambiraptor feinbergorum, the world famous deer-baby-eater

  10. Panda: What a night out last night ... But how do I get down from here again?

  11. Monsoon Poon. Great for carnivores to vegans and everything in between.

  12. They were actually surprised when I ordered a refill on the bottomless firecracker chicken.

  13. Really - wow! I didn't know there was a bottomless firecracker chicken. I don't eat it myself but one of the people I go there with pretty regularly loves it.

  14. Your Italian mama will disown you if you propose Chicago or Detroit style pies to be "Italian".

  15. She would debate the fact that you are supposed to call it "pizza" or pie.

  16. Sounds good! Do you know where I can get some new zealand paua and kina? Those are the "new zealand" exclusives he'll never get to try elsewhere haha but we can't go to south island to catch any ourselves :/

  17. You can catch both on the North Island as well, although kina will be much easier. I am you should get them at the fishmarket, if not then ask the guys from the Maori/Polynesian stall, they most likely will know where to get it.

  18. If it goes wrong, their backside will look like a baboon's rear end.

  19. The birds kept on pooing on it when it was outside.

  20. Somebody posted that all the buses before 9:30 were cancelled on his route earlier.

  21. I'm in, would be an f*ing cool feature for Auckland, and in winter we can have a food festival there.

  22. It's not that rare, I've seen this video posted here at least 3 times over the last week or so

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