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I turned 72 a couple of years ago, and have not had a drink in 49 years and two months. I changed everything for love.

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  1. My oldest daughter was always a great student, very serious and focused on academics. Knew she wanted to work in education from the time she was a child, and went through high school and college as easily as cutting through warm butter.

  2. This is a beautiful story. What a family legacy you have. Thank you for sharing. ♥️

  3. My girls are really nice and beautiful people, smart, loving, kind, accomplished, good parents, really turned out to be just like their mother. I am so proud of them.

  4. When this was asked last week, I said I like many new artists, been listening to some country stuff lately, like Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, Kacey Musgraves, the Pistol Annies, Brandi Carlile, and Kane Brown. I like to see the younger country artists team up with acts like Miley Cyrus, Khalid, Migos, Kendrick Lamar, and even Bell Biv Devoe.

  5. I was in love with my wife from the day I met her in junior high school while waiting for the school bus in 1962. Married her two years out of high school and stayed married until she passed away from cancer a year ago.

  6. Probably age 25 thru 40. My girls were babies, and even though we struggled financially when we were in our 20's, my wife and I loved our life. We spent many hours playing cards with friends, taking walks around the block with our toddlers, camping and fishing, going on picnics and playing badminton, planting flowers in our yard, and just having fun as a family. Our sex life was great, we were in love with each other, and we were delighted to be parents of two funny little girls.

  7. My "footstool" is a small upholstered foot rest with four wooden legs, that sits in front of a small club chair, where my wife read the newspaper every day. She was petite, and the footstool allowed her to sit back in the chair all the way, and rest her feet on the footstool. It was also the spot in our home where misbehaving children took a time out or got their hair brushed every morning, and where the cats still like to snooze.

  8. The way you speak reminds me very much of my mom and I lost her last year. You are so valuable and I hope that you are valued in your family and community. My heart goes out to you deeply over the loss of your wife. Thank you so much for sharing these few paragraphs of hard won wisdom and perspective.

  9. Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry to hear of your loss, my girls have been through a lot in the last year after losing their mother. Loss of a loved one is hard, all you can do is take it a few minutes at a time, and keep moving forward. I wish you comfort and peace.

  10. Different kind of integration: I went to an all boys school and they decided to open it up for girls.

  11. I got a chuckle out of this one...Morning, Beverly! She must have had quite a challenge being the only girl. Would make a good book or movie.

  12. Sit down and have a long talk. Figure out what the problem is, what your options are, and what to do next.

  13. Went for a hike near the river today with 5 retired friends who are all on the same page with covid precautions. We spotted an eagle nest with two white heads. One bird will be laying an egg or two soon. Then we were off to a local brewery for a beer and lunch. A weekly gathering that allows us to practice our social skills at this bizarre time in history. Cheers to all.

  14. I have been watching an eagle nest cam on You Tube lately. I am a bird lover, and they are remarkable creatures. I would love to see them in person, lucky you!

  15. HMC, congrats on your Day 18,000. What a milestone. My Saturday didn't include such a huge milestone, but I did get to go out to the ranch and spend time with my horse, which is always cathartic, healing and beneficial to my soul. Late afternoon, as the sun settles into the west. I love twilight. My favorite time of day.

  16. I saw your post 2 months ago and was so impressed I shared it with the folks at

  17. Okay, when I get a chance I will. I had no idea someone had shared my last post with them, this is the first I have heard about it.

  18. AYOOOOO CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you are as proud of yourself as I (admittedly an internet stranger) am proud of you

  19. Thanks, it has been a long, wild ride, a life full of great ups and downs, and today? Pizza and cake! Life is good.

  20. congratulations!! That's incredible. It has been 18 days for me. Doesn't have quite the same ring to it..

  21. Duuuuude so happy for you. Just think about the thousands and thousands of people you've helped just get through one day at a time.

  22. My favorite new term is "Yeet" - as in, I'm gonna yeet my neighbor's trash that blew into my yard right back over the fence.

  23. You just brought a few tears to this 40 year old grown man's eye.

  24. You are the reason I posted this today. Love makes all things possible. Just keep putting one day after another, and you've got this!

  25. Today, January 22nd, 2022, is my 18,000th day of not drinking. I had to totally change my perspective, change my attitude, change my lifestyle, or die. I chose to live.

  26. No. There is really no difference for me in how time passes at age 72, than it did at 27. Most days go by quickly.

  27. Even if you expect your partner to pass from something like a terminal illness, losing someone you have loved for more than 50 years is nothing you will be prepared for. The shock of an unexpected death is horrible, but even if you know it is coming, you are generally not prepared for finding your loved one dead. It freakin' destroyed me, it's an image I can never forget.

  28. No matter how bad a situation may be, your attitude can make it better. Or worse. And you can always make it better. I no longer seem to have the anger I did at 18. It led to a bad drinking problem and changing my attitude truly changed my life. For the life of me, I can't seem to remember what I was so terribly angry about back then.

  29. I had so many great cats in my life. All were rescues. It is so sad when they pass away.

  30. Yeah. It's always hard. The last few I have had really got sick towards the end and had to be put down. I always hope they will just pass away peacefully in their sleep in the sun, but it hasn't worked out that way lately.

  31. Same person it is today, Daryl Hall!! 40 years!

  32. Do you ever watch Live From Daryl's House? Great music. Each episode is him playing with a different singer or group, from 50's and 60's bands to present day artists, it is a great show. Loved the episodes with Smokey Robinson, the one with the O'Jays, and a couple with Todd Rundgren. I had not heard of Jimmy Wayne from Jimmy Eat World until I saw that show, but I am a fan after hearing his version of Sarah Smile.

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