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Megathread: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade

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Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade; states can ban abortion


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  1. Except that's not how it works.. The ruling literally says the federal government has no jurisdiction over the matter.

  2. That is completely false. The ruling says that the right is not in the constitution meaning that states can enact laws banning abortion however they want. But the federal government can also enact a law allowing abortion and under the constitution federal law governs first and foremost over any contradictory state laws.

  3. The right to privacy is typically construed from a combination of the 14th and 9th amendments. And, despite never being explicitly stated, has generally been recognized by the Supreme Court. They actually seem to have more than a clue than you do, because you could have easily learned this by doing a simple Google search.

  4. It actually is in the constitution by implication. Not everything has to be explicitly stated. That's why it's important to have people with differing interpretations in the courts. Typically only originalists (Like Scalia or Thomas) argue otherwise because they believe the Constitution cannot be changed. Cruzan v. Missouri Department of Health and Lawrence vs. Texas are more recent cases refering to the right of privacy.

  5. Except the dodgers would probably be the favorites if they went to the WS so you’d have to put down like $600k to make back a mil

  6. You have the opposite idea. You wouldn't bet on the dodgers to win, you would be on the other team to win. So if the dodgers are the favorites then you get better odds on the other team.

  7. There's a single maneuver I can think of that would've been pretty rough on the airframe, which is when maverick in the F-14 pulls up and then goes downwards pulling a bunch of negative Gs to reverse on the Sukhoi and those negative Gs are a big No No.

  8. Manny Margot looks hurt bad. I think it was the way he landed. They brought out a cart to take him back.

  9. I don't think it was the way he hit the wall. I think it was his left knee landing that fucked him up. That's not a good look and I hope he's ok

  10. Our resident gif creator and all around great mod

  11. Then we should ban clothes-dryers because they collectively use more electricity than the Bitcoin network. Why aren't we tracking the electricity usage of clothes-dryers? Especially when you can just hang your clothes outside. But, no, those are fine. Lmao. You guys are so biased it's unbelievable.

  12. We are tracking that and they get ratings. But they also bring a massive utility to everyone that has them. Should we ban light bulbs as well?

  13. Yea but look at how smooth he runs. He's like a track star rounding the bases

  14. We bought a new build so our original taxes were based on just the land value, but our original mortgage was based on the estimated real taxes. When our escrow ended up with way too much money in it, they cut us a check and we saved it to the side for the supplemental. It’s not painful if you already know it’s coming.

  15. Same here. They had built in the supplemental tax cost in the original mortgage price for the first year. They actually did a little too much. So not only did we get a check for the balance we didn't have the lump sum payment expense.

  16. It's really that the County is saying you shouldn't get the benefit of the previous value on your property taxes, because they are due in Nov and Dec. So if I bought in say March, then I should be on the hook for property taxes on the sale price from March to December. Then the other homeowner didn't pay the taxes on the original value as well because they are due months later. So you're on the hook for the original tax amount plus the amount of the new assessed value

  17. Absolutely terrible. Phoenix is one of the worst places I can imagine to live. Even 85 degrees is too hot for me. My idea temp would be 65 during the day, 50 at night.

  18. Coastal San Diego is your jam then. Mild to mid temps year round. Forecast is 70-70-72-69-68-71-73 for the next week.

  19. Coastal? That's the place to be. I live in Carlsbad about 5 min from the beach and it's been so nice lately

  20. Really? Like that time the government bailed out the banks using the people's retirement accounts?

  21. How did the government bail out the banks using people's retirement accounts? Are you saying that the government went in and took money from those accounts and transferred it to the banks? What exactly are you saying here?

  22. The sport that’s so boring even the people paid hundreds of millions of dollars need to play children games to stay awake.

  23. Just some random dude who loves Diablo and sits behind a computer all day in his parent's house thinking of the next anime he can beat off too. Just ignore him; he's obviously superior to the sportsball fans even though he spends thousands on twitch thots to say his name once so he can feel good for 30 minutes.

  24. It’s a podcast of lawyers and law student grads who breakdown cases case by case. They’re extremely well informed and versed in law and can point out exactly how many opinions are bs and contradictory to principles some justices supposedly hold over and over.

  25. I always hit The Blind Burro off of the west gate


  27. Yes! I use Hemway (it's also super fine and gets EVERYWHERE, but hey, hazards of glitter)

  28. I mean how often do you use glitter that you have multiple brands that you know of?

  29. The NL West could flip real fast with a single Giants over Dodgers series sweep, I don't know what your definition of "locked up" is, but there is much more baseball to play.

  30. Yea...the Padres could take a lead in the next two weeks with solid play

  31. I have very close ties to the Bay Area, even though I live in SD. But this recall has definitely piqued my interest. When I searched Chesa Boudin, I saw a lot of puff pieces in the national news. One of the biggest opponents of a recall, Robert Weisberg, the co-director of the Stanford Law School’s criminal-justice center, seems completely disconnected. Here's an actual quote from a New York Magazine article.

  32. No the point is that those people are incorrectly blaming Boudin when they see someone shoot up.

  33. That’s a no joke bad ass grill, be a man, clean it yourself. Grab a shop vac, some gloves, some barkeepers friend and a six pack and get to work.

  34. I do clean it myself. But just like a badass car, I still would like it professionally detailed once every year. I get down and dirty with it, shop vac it before every use, scrape my heat shield and take good care of it but nothing professional grill cleaners could do for the time and money

  35. any takers for Pat & Oscar’s?

  36. There's one in San Marcos called O's American Kitchen. It's the same as the traditional Oscar's, which then changed their name to Pat and Oscar's, then O's. But there's still one left! Dressing is still as good as ever.

  37. it’s like the guy from cars 1

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