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  1. Your average coin cost reduces whenever you acquire more tokens for less than your current average coin cost (total USD spent / total tokens). Since your interest received from staking is $0 cost that's maximum reduction for your average coin cost.

  2. Thank you, I always see you on Reddit helping out with no judgement thank you again

  3. PulseChain is a system state fork of ethereum. So the L1 token (eth) is also forked. That token (eth) is tied to almost all liquidity pairs on ethereum, as pls will be on PulseChain. Eth is just rendered useless itself on PulseChain. So having eth on ethereum won't help you on it. That is a good thing, so the ecosystem can get it's own values and worth. Also allows others to get in early. It really is a different ecosystem. You could say it's a big fu to eth, but I don't see it that way.

  4. Thank you for explain now I get it really appreciate it

  5. From the sounds of this I think you should stay away from anything financial

  6. Or just save up as much a you can we got 2 months or more before the launch

  7. $AMP, $Hex, $PLS and PLSX when they become available

  8. Bought a hex bag at .14 might sell if it hit .18 then buy back anything low lower than .14

  9. Comparing to its competitors I see PulseX goes to $50-100 max in 5-10 years it really depends on how much PulseX is in supply

  10. I agree short term PulseX will out perform Pulsechain, but in the next 5-10 years Pulsechain will be King

  11. Become a Whale to become a Crypto Billionaire

  12. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. If they miss the Hex boat buy them floaties with your Hex Millions

  13. It’s a taxable event, but depending on how long you’ve had the investment before cashing out changes the percentage of how much taxes you pay. I think the highest is 27%

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