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  1. Sanju fanbase >>> Kohli + Rohit + Dhoni fanbase

  2. A great innings by the CAPTAIN in a WORLD CUP final, in his home country, finished by a match winning six to win the WORLD CUP for his country after 28 YEARS. It’s rightfully praised by the fans. No need to be bitter, you would do the same if it was your favourite player. Have a good day.

  3. Their videos are not bad tbh, especially physics is top notch.( Talking about paid course)

  4. Nahi bro polymer kar raha hai yeh shyd. Maine kahin padha tha yash garg DTU branch aur mujhe polymer mila tha. TBH i don't like this guy not because ki polymer kar raha hai but because he gives a cheap ass dhattarwal bootleg vibe. Dhattarwal theek hai bat uski copy karne wala ajeeb lagte. Just because uska chal gaya doesnt mean ki tumhara bhi chalega.

  5. 2019 me Dhattarwal ne hi ise apne channel me launch kiya tha, board ki chemistry padhane ke liye.

  6. Bhai hum logo ke kismat bohot karab like first corona second CBSE ke term 1, 2 or third NTA ke negligence or ab merging ke proposal . 🤡

  7. Bhai apna lund aur problem sab ko badi hi lagti hai.

  8. That's not even club Cricket kapli sir, its fucking franchise Cricket.

  9. Bro please i want see india playing Asia Cup at least.

  10. Have they started playing cricket again?

  11. Cricket is becoming popular among brazilian women.

  12. han matlab ab 3 mahine mien college start hoga almost to python khatam karne ka soch rh ahu

  13. Mf death note worst anime i ever seen

  14. Technically its 3 years because he didn't played any matches for India after that Cursed match.

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