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  1. I get where you are coming from OP. I got a friend who is beyond good looking. I am not the jealous type at all, but i eventually do get tired of everyone we meet sucking up to him and completely ignoring everyone else in the group.

  2. I knew I wasn’t crazy. I don’t think people comprehend what it is like to hang out with Adonis himself. You’re basically describing my friend, I’m talking about people staring nonstop and when we are the club, people surround us just to get the chance to bump into him, if that makes sense.

  3. I was your friend in my gay friends group. I sort of had a period in my late twenties to later thirties when I was suddenly like hot to basically all gay men. One of my friends while drunk told me I was attractive to 99.9% of gay me. Yes I worked out and all that, but it was really hard to handle with my friends. Guys in clubs would form a circle around me, like twenty of them, it was like the night of the living zombies. It was actually scary.

  4. This is literally our life, both sides, for him and us. It’s sad that I think this is how it’s going to end.

  5. I was in the same boat buddy. Been sober since 10/20/2020. Keep up the good work!

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