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  1. I do payroll for a tech company. These people can do all their coding and developing and all that other stuff but can’t figure out how to send me their time cards and instead email me a blurry photo of their time card that’s on a computer screen already..

  2. Oh, they know. They just like screwing with you. If you can't do your job with absolutely no effort on their part, they'll enact any kind of malicious compliance that passively aggressively gets you to think they're not worth your time to chase down.

  3. Plenty of actors who say they don't like watching their work do watch it. Trust me.

  4. I'm happy to see that Bob Ross Inc won't be promoted anymore, nor will the merch. The ghouls behind that garbage are money-grubbing back-stabbers.

  5. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflected the light from Venus.

  6. Following in the footsteps of Wild Bill and Gentle Bob. Well done.

  7. It was hell. Where I differ from most people here was the distance I had to travel every day. I worked at a studio and also in a corporate office; I lived by the studio because that was the job I gave priority to, but I needed the bigger paycheck from the corporate office. That meant connecting from NoHo all the way to Brentwood. Bus to train. Train to bus. Bus to bus. Bus to bus. And then of course back home again.

  8. Looks like the perfect sack size for nuts. Take'em to the park. To the roller rink. Any old place at all. And why not? You've got a sack for your nuts.

  9. Ordered mine in says it should get here Spring of 2023. I don't know if I'll get any of the incentives. I'm guessing not. But we've got the Egon wand, and thankfully they'll work together. That's pretty awesome. Better than nothing I guess.

  10. This reminds me of my Buddhist in-laws, always gently carrying any insects to safety and freedom outside. Bless their hearts!

  11. My family members' surprised screams always herald my need to get a tupperware container and piece of cardboard junk mail, so as to relocate whatever offending arachnid is freaking them the frog out.

  12. We have a huge pine tree in our backyard. My wife had it pruned. I was pissed. It looked like a Dr. Seuss tree with puffballs on the ends of the brances. And, just a month or so later, it looks so clean, it's so much safer, it's dropping less detritus over the property line so my elderly neighbor feels like we are listening to her (which we are), the power lines aren't touching any branches. My wife really hit it out of the park on this one. I have a whole new attitude about keeping trees properly maintained because she did ten minutes of reading about what needed to be done. PS: My wife is the best ever. You can't even imagine.

  13. It's a much older and weaker design

  14. The 500x500 bed works best for a droid build; especially for the main body rings, which are stronger when they are printed in one piece. 450 x 450 is probably close...but not close enough. The STLs are designed for a bigger bed. Where did you get your CR10 maxes? Directly from Creality?

  15. All used off Offerup. Paid 300 for 1 broken and 400 each for working ones.

  16. Thanks for the alternative suggestions. Much appreciated.

  17. An Oscars ceremony nobody cared about. An aging action star sliding towards irrelevance. An aging comedian who is already irrelevant. Even if it wasn't a setup, it's still immature garbage vaudeville. And it makes me want to barf even more than the Oscars did before.

  18. Some other people have shown interest in it too, so I guess I'l upload it somewhere in the comming week.


  20. While Bean does survive in that film, his character's career did die though.


  22. The only sound will be gunfire, bullet casings hitting the floor, and doves flapping their wings. All in slow motion.

  23. the base was 3d-printed, here are the thingiverse files if you're interested

  24. Made an appointment at a DMV. Don't want to tell you all which one. Was in and out in 20 minutes. Bing. Bang. Boom.

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