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  1. That might mean something to you, but it doesn’t to me. I’m well aware of “studios” that participate in theft of intellectual property. I have no way of knowing if “the studio” you refer to (or Hinnenkamp Glass company) have a valid licensing agreement with Charlie Harper or his estate. It was a valid question. (Believe it or not, I’ve lived in Cinci 40 of the last 57 years and have never heard of the studio, but I’ve seen people rip off Charlie Harper many times.)

  2. How would it not mean anything to you that I work with the Charley Harper Art studio? I have a license to do this. It couldn’t be made any clearer. Do your due diligence and look into it, it is very obvious I am licensed to make these if you did a bit of research before asking.

  3. I'm not surprised he asked; in the post title it just says "the studio" without further elaboration. I can't find anywhere that mentions Charley Harper Art Studio; either both of us are going crazy or it's not as clear as you think.

  4. Ok I would think because I mention Charley Harper in the same sentence that it would be implied that that is the studio I work with. I have just been accused of it before and just think a little research would help because in my opinion it’s pretty clear and it says on their website and mine. I’ll just try to make it more clear

  5. this is lovely but it is so funny to me and idk why. i think its the face

  6. Does he cut the glass with a laser/water jet? There are a lot of complicated concave edges (and even holes!) here. How?

  7. My dad actually made this! Thanks for visiting the website. I guess I could probably add a little bit about the equipment we use.

  8. On the bluebird, how did you cut the interior right angle? Where the wing transitions into the tail feathers.

  9. I used the Apollo ring saw from Gemini. I wanted to keep it as close to the original design as possible.

  10. Where do you get glass like that (the backgrounds)? That partially colored fragments look

  11. It’s called fracture streamer and a lot of glass shops will have some of it they sell but I get mine wholesale from a place called Franklin art glass In Columbus Ohio. Im from Cincinnati. The brand is Bullseye.

  12. This is astonishingly good. It's like a timeless advertisement for for all of stained glass, the craft.

  13. This is absolutely insane. I didn't know something like this was possible. Incredible work, op. Your dad is really something.

  14. TYVM. He’s got a couple that are on this level. Check all of our stuff out at

  15. You need to stop, you're making me want to buy a new place and commission you to do all the windows 😂

  16. I have a tiger print of his and the tiger is also sticking his tongue out at me.

  17. These are wonderful, I don't see very much art posted here done in stained glass, it's nice to see some well done.

  18. Every time someone calls a foiled sun catcher "Tiffany style" it makes me want to punch drywall.

  19. Haha - he enjoys the painstaking part of slowly building it, and so do I.

  20. I'm truly interested in that essence one but I live in pa and probably coul never afford one bit I woul love it. I'm just getting back in to pottery.

  21. I have prints available of Essence if you would be interested!

  22. Wow the glass you used is phenomenal. Great job! Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  23. Yea I grew up a couple minutes away from him so I’m familiar with the area! That’s one reason they gave me the license.

  24. Yep. Not gonna steal the design if I ever get to it, but it gave inspiration. You are very talented. :)

  25. It’s not - I’ve got it in my inventory and bringing it to a glass art show in august up in Wisconsin

  26. This particular window is not available but if you are interested in a commission or another similar window, please email me at

  27. Love it. I grew up staring at a house full of Harper originals that my mom and grandfather had collected. My mom still has one of his raccoon pieces, but we gave the rest of them back to Edie about 15 years ago.

  28. That’s cool to hear - and nice of you to give them back to Edie. I personally know Brett (Charley and Edie’s son) as he is the one that gave me the license to do this.

  29. There are several difficult shapes that usually can’t be done without a ring saw. Is this what was used, or are you a wizard? Also, are you not concerned that these pieces will break the first time the panel gets a little pressure applied to it?

  30. I used a ring saw on them. I use a lot of these types of pieces in my windows and have had almost no cracked pieces. The pressure applied when cleaning and waxing/buffing isn’t enough to cause cracks so I don’t see how they would crack when being handled unless they are very foolishly handled. Once it’s hung it’s safe!

  31. Beautiful work! Just checked out your website. I have always wanted to learn how to do stained glass.

  32. Thanks - it is like anything, just takes practice. But a little difficult to get started because of the expenses and need for certain equipment, and learning curve.

  33. Did you use a ring saw for the left cheek? Looks like you didn’t cut by hand. BTW I ❤️it!!!

  34. Thanks and yea I used the Gemini Apollo ring saw to cut the two face pieces.

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