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  1. In a scene Gladiator (2000), Maximus tells Lucius his horses are named Argento and Scatto. This is a nod to Silver (argento in Italian) and Trigger (scatto in Italian) who were The Lone Ranger’s and Roy Roger’s horses. I like using both names.

  2. My gf is leaving for a week, and I plan to deep dive into a new playthrough. Can’t wait

  3. Just curious, what was your moms reaction when JFK Jr ended up not returning from the dead in Dallas? Was there ANY sort of regret or acknowledgment of it being ridiculous?

  4. She said the thinks people were gathered there to “show their loyalty” to Q or something along those lines. That’s not verbatim. But that’s what she was getting at

  5. Got it. Thank you for your response. It’s just such a bizarre way of thinking and it’s endless fascinating to me.

  6. Not sure what is unique or intuitive about it, it's the same as every other media remote out there. I just use the controller, not really seen the purpose of a separate remote, but feel free to change my mind!

  7. I like it because it can control volume and turn the tv on and off. Literally just pressing one button will get my entire media center up and running

  8. I like House of the Dragon because I can call it HOT D (referring to Daemon)

  9. Thank you for putting Batman Begins suit above TDK. I always thought it looked so much better

  10. I think True Blood should be on this list! It’s basically a soap opera, but it has lots of gory campy vampire/supernatural fun elements

  11. For people suggesting it might have been born in space - it probably wouldn't have evolved a skeleton if it was a species that had always lived in zero-g. Skeletons arose as a means to support oneself against gravity

  12. Huh. This is actually something I have never thought about. Kudos for the science shit.

  13. My research is mostly from Star Trek TNG. In that series they encounter several space-born creatures and they are usually like big jellyfishes

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