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Hajime no Ippo: Round 1392

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  • By - RTSD_

  1. Chris Unbias scandal came outta nowhere lmfaoo

  2. I think the build up to the fight gave it a special feel. It’s not in my top 5, but I think it’s pretty good

  3. Tremendous. Would love to see a sendo fight done.

  4. What chapter was the last hammer nao reference?

  5. Will they be providing updated English dub 🤔

  6. John K. got fired pretty early on, for unrelated shit. His retro art style is so fantastic, it's such a shame.

  7. Do you happen to have a link to that? Sounds interesting

  8. I’m also curios about Merrimack st

  9. I live near some sort of junction where every vehicle with a siren comes from. Maybe it's hell.

  10. Interesting take. Would you say that this has happened more frequent in the last few years?

  11. I always go back to when itagaki started his matrix shit

  12. Him vs Saeki is a very underrated fight

  13. Ippo vs Karasawa as ippo showed intelligence in that fight and didn't rely on the Demsey Roll to win

  14. What fight do you see Ippos mom attending? I always assume it would be the Ricardo fight.

  15. How many rounds do we think this goes?

  16. Will ippo declare his return in chapter 1400?

  17. You don't have to wait for cross signals. Just step out from between cars into traffic confidently.

  18. Ippo needs to channel his Big Mara energy

  19. Idk if it cheapens it per day. I’d say it definitely changes the dynamic.

  20. Woli will be unorthodox and like no other boxer Ricardo’s faced.

  21. Yo mommas so fat, she needs cheat codes for Wii-fit!

  22. If this was Dunkin’ Donuts it would be bigger news

  23. This is a very good detailed take. Miyata has seemed to be an end goal but I agree, ippo faces Miyata before Ricardo.

  24. Itagaki may move to a boxing gym and fight Ippo, as Miyata plans. The thing is, I don't know if he's going to fight Imai or Itagaki, it's very difficult to predict. But something I see possible is that Imai and Itagaki fight for the national championship again and at the same time with the opportunity to fight against Ippo, if Ippo tries to become Japanese champion again. What you mention about the spar is interesting, making a spar with Itagaki would be very useful to fight against Miyata or even Ricardo.

  25. As the story stands today, the Imai fight seems more likely. He’s an Ippo clone with a lot of hype and the national belt.

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