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  1. On lvl 85+ you should be running T16 maps, wtih 20% quality, sextans and scarabs and other juice. Can you post your PoB? Because I feel that your build is lacking in some departments if you are still running T8 maps on that level.

  2. What I mean is that I've gone through the process of leveling, getting a build together, watched some videos from the recommended content makers, read different build guides, gotten drops, farmed currency, then traded for better gear.

  3. I'm also a new player, just started about 3 weeks ago or so. Ran a marauder and got to maps, didn't like the fire build because I was following guides that weren't from Ziz or people he recommended. It felt a bit weak. Dying a lot.

  4. I'm all in for having a healthier relationship with the game and everything, but I said the same thing on season of the hunt and intended to come back on the last season before Witch Queen. Turns out i missed out on following the story of Chosen and Splicer on a weekly basis and i kinda regret it. Consuming the stories in one go wasn't the same thing.

  5. The only issue was that chose was ok. Splicer was great. But then it got slow and meh again afterwards.

  6. Why is Lewis out there playing when he can't run? Will he ever be able to? And if he gets on base, what? automatically pinch run?

  7. I don’t like Marco. The whole pitching for contact doesn’t seem to work half the time. ERA at nearly 4. People hitting hard balls off of him.

  8. Anyone know, why do trainers and doctors just grab you where the injury is? Like if he can't stand up bc his leg hurts, wouldn't touching him there obviously hurt a fuck ton?

  9. Besides the maps, if you haven't already done this, is time to start using the league mechanic. You shouldn't have much trouble taking down empowered monster hordes by now. Try getting Sentinels with essence or currency modifiers, as a start. Essences are a powerful way to roll some really good gear to start mapping. Currency mods on sentinel will help you have tons and tons of alchemy and alteration orbs. Good luck.

  10. Thanks! I honestly didn’t even realize that the sentinels could empower for currency. I’ll look out for that.

  11. You can go infinite running maps pretty easily. Just make sure you use an alchemy or binding orb on them to turn them rare, and itll add enough bonus pack size to get you map drops within that map. If you are low on or out of binding/alchemy orbs, then use a transmutation orb and a augmentation orb to make it magic with two mods. Starting with 3-4 maps should be enough for you to go infinite on map drops. Just make sure you never run them white and unmodified.

  12. Hey dude - you wouldn't happen to have a copy of this still hanging around do you? No worries if it's gone!

  13. Utah has been ridiculous this year. I've gone to visit my folks in Seattle a couple times this summer and it's been the only comfort in months

  14. glad you got to enjoy it! I lived in Utah for 15 years. Moved a few years ago. It's been such a good change. You're always welcome to the PNW whenever you need a break.

  15. Imagine experiencing Washington and thinking Texas is superior

  16. Some friends from Utah (which is already hot in the Summer) moved to Texas this year. All I hear about them on Facebook is just how blazing hot Texas is.

  17. Precisely this. I've already seen multiple people post about how they spent 100 fusings to get a 5L ambu's charge, which itself is worth 1-2 chaos orbs, while 5 fusings are worth that amount in chaos orbs.

  18. Meaning, that it's easier to spend 2 chaos orbs for the item in a trade vs spending 10x that amount in some other item trying to randomly roll, right?

  19. at my second league (which is ultimatum, about 200-300 hours) i learned almost everything about the base game. acts, atlas, gems, item logic.

  20. Do you always go through all 10 acts first and then spend time on the other league mechanics or do you stop and do them while going through the acts?

  21. I just started playing the game last week. I’m at Act 8 and taking my time. Basically I’m learning.

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