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My cat had 6 kittens!

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  1. People are owed a guaranteed basic income due to the existence of capital whose production isn't anyone's responsibility as well as the consumers knowing best how to initialize the creation of new capital. You may not understand those two points fully as I'm not explaining them, but that's not the point I want to give. The point is that those sources of bargaining power that can legitimately finance a UBI may or may not be sufficient to live. I disagree that a UBI has to be livable.

  2. That's gonna be an expensive clean up. It's important to note that our typical urban sprawls of low density housing submerged by roads and parking lots are a particularly bad city design to face snow storms. I'm just saying. Downvoting me doesn't make our city design any less stupid.

  3. What if it melts? It's going to be +3 by Wednesday.

  4. Snow storms aren't often talked about here. But a city design that contains a lot of roads and parking lots can be extremely expensive to clean up after a big snow storm. It can also freeze social and economic activity for a few days.

  5. Demand doesn't go away when you make selling sex illegal. But the safety for the girls or boys might as criminals take control of the market.

  6. I haven't spoken 30,573 different things in my life

  7. He has a cute little Disney nose from that angle

  8. My cat had just one kitten and it was 3 times the size of those

  9. If it goes through we should put a tax on fat people and increase taxes for when you get to 60 years old cause they are using the health system more.

  10. Fat people are using the health care system less, not more. Fat people die earlier. What do you think is more expensive, a fat person or a 110 years old person with a list of diseases as big as a dictionary and that has been dependent for 3 decades?

  11. You have a source for the claim that fat people stress the healthcare system less?

  12. We create money out of thin air, we can't be out of money. Money isn't tangible. It's an expression of a relative value, and value isn't tangible. Laborers will be out of money when their labor will have no market value.

  13. I think the debate is which one is the destructive pest. Humans, or deer.

  14. The relation with us isn't what causes a problem. The problem is that they have no predators other than cars and are starving themselves.

  15. Wouldn't that be funny if a bunch of people watching this thing while standing on the sidewalk were run over by a car and killed.

  16. Yeah, we certainly shouldn't stop doing something just because it kills people. In fact, we shouldn't consider anything about anything. We should just keep doing whatever we're doing without thinking about the reasons we are doing them nor their consequences. My three brain cells feel better when they nap.

  17. Do we? He shot 2 3s successfully then couldn't stop attempting them. He can't keep himself from only doing what he's good at.

  18. You can google around, there's not a right answer because of a lot of unknown variables. A lot of people aren't aware that sources of minerals and some other natural resources like oil we need in society are depleting rather fast. The accessibility has to be economically viable, that's the main problem with these resources.

  19. This is the legitimate supply of economically accessible uranium with the knowledge we have of today's uranium supply. But we will likely find new deposits and methods of extractions. There's a lot of uranium in sea water for example but the extraction is difficult and not cost competitive.

  20. Now that Boucher made 2 3s in a row, he's gonna want to attempt 20 3s

  21. No, we aren’t. Unless you believe Justice Sotomayor, we have about 1 kid per 10,000 hospitalized for covid.

  22. American kids are also fat as fuck, which makes their covid worse.

  23. At this point, it's too late to vaccinate more. The omicron wave will peak soon, in days. People will either have been vaccinated or have fought the virus and thus gained natural immunity for a while. Whatever sars-cov-2 transforms into, it'll have to be more transmissible than omicron in order to dislodge its predominance, and it's really unlikely that it happens.

  24. Quite unlikely. The variants would have to be even more transmissible than omicron.

  25. The guy has extremely huge bones, as you can observe from the size of his wrist. Generally, the size of bones is proportional with the size of muscles. The guy may have very well built his muscles naturally and they are big because of his genetics.

  26. I have come to hate that word, " investors ". I heard that word, fill up with rage and conclude the word should be dick bags. OK. 2 words.

  27. I like extortionist better. An extortionist extracts wealth by force or violence. It doesn't look like there's violence or force, but there is. The violence is hidden in the reduced purchasing power. People are forced to consume fewer goods than they merit because they have to pay for the consumption of people who don't create wealth. People certainly don't want to be forced to consume less good than they merit.

  28. Problem with moving to these smaller cities is that they are mostly all already built with a low population density in mind. If you increase density, you cause transportation problems that are difficult to deal with.

  29. Our town (and I assume all towns) has a target population they have to support by 2050 I believe. As a result of this target, the town has identified that they do not have enough space to accommodate those growth targets, as such, they are currently assessing which bordering townships they will acquire land from (expand boundaries).

  30. Yeah but the problem is that the economic center isn't expanding outward, it stays in the middle. That's how you end up with megacities, highways elevated on cement pillars in the middle of high population areas, etc. Those things are just horrible all around.

  31. Perhaps the enjoyment of destruction is sufficient for him?

  32. Unless they're going to fire the nuclear weapons with slingshots, they're going to need to attach them to rockets or aircraft that need fuel, that fuel needs to be transported, those transports need to be maintained, those people need to be paid fed and housed, spare parts need to be made warehouses need to be built people need to be trained, oh you got to make the damn fuel. The fuel doesn't stay good forever, so you got to refuel unfuel you got to dispose of the old fuel. You need hoses, PPE, you got to run tests drills to make sure all your equipment works. Then you got to have electricity running water. You need food so everybody required to operate all this stuff is alive to operate it.

  33. How did these buildings get built before the price increases?

  34. If the price is wrong, the renter can simply move. If there's no one willing to pay that price, the price will go down. Prices are a consensus . Both the supply and demand side can agree or disagree with them.

  35. It's not so much the commodification or capitalization of homes as it is the private ownership system that creates unfairness. If houses were commodified but owned by everyone through a social wealth fund, there wouldn't be unequal compensations for the rental of homes.

  36. Low rates incentivizes the construction of more houses.

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