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AITA for my husbands aunts tree being cut down?

Are you being serious right now?

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  1. Hahaha! That idea is not really feasible right now (both because I am really shy and only get paid at the end of the week) but picturing it really made me chuckle (and then melt into my desk because I couldn’t stand a whole restaurant of strangers sing!). Thank you for that

  2. As a cancer patient myself, I am soooooooooooo freaking excited, proud and happy for you!!!! you freaking DID IT!!!!!! you kicked cancer's sorry ass!!!!! thats freaking AMAZING!!!!!!

  3. Same here! I was in the industry for 19 years. Last shift is Friday and start the new job Monday. So ready!

  4. They don't want covid to's their out. When they admit that they're not afraid of covid anymore that he might actually have to engage with one of his children ... Gasp...

  5. Omg! That’s so insane. Do you know if we have definite proof of that.

  6. Not s’more sure, the post was a picture from a magazine with an article saying he wasn’t

  7. Oh neat! It's fascinating to see Dr. Now do surgery with such tiny incisions. So much safer for the patients, and they must heal so much faster.

  8. Oh it’s amazing . The robot was used for my last weight loss surgery within a week I was up abd about. Still sore , but was doing great from it. My incisions did seem smaller.

  9. That's great! I bet that's why Dr. Now (and probably others) can encourage patients to get up and moving soon after surgery. I hope the rest of your recovery went well 😊

  10. It did thankfully the only real hard part was I had a hernia repair along with my revision, so my upper stomach was sore for a lil longer, but I was warned that could happen abd im so glad I got it fixed. Even the scars are less noticeable.

  11. Unfortunately I suffered another MC this year. I have a book of about $80 worth of Enfamil coupons of various amounts. Is this helpful at all?

  12. Update: I was able to summon enough courage to call and I set up an appointment. Thank you so much for listening to me, this helped a lot and means so much to me :)

  13. I’m so so glad you got the appointment . I understand the fear I had never been to one till I was 30. It’s good that your going. I understand the fear but your gonna be okay and your gonna do great. It’s gonna be okay

  14. Yep. I want no involvement in that BS. lol Figure it out amongst yourselves, people.

  15. Lol. My wife’s dad used that line once. Tipped 15%. Hurt his feelings when I left an extra 20 on the table but oh well.

  16. Oh ya that’s how it usually works out the I’ll tip more is always a low amount and the one who left it thinks they are a god for leaving what they left

  17. This guy is so fucking weird. He’s obviously incapable of a successful relationship and ends up having to fork over money every time he gets married. He needs to chill.

  18. yup.... 4th marriage, guess its not 4th times the charm?........ where his kids even at this wedding?? Wasnt there just a pic posted of Megan and their kids on megan's Instagram having fun? ??

  19. Do we know how involved he is with the 3 kids he has with Megan? I feel like we don’t see/hear much of him with those little babes. Could just be that I’m not really paying much attention, but I could see him totally being kinda uninvolved.

  20. I haven’t seen anything about him with their kids unless it’s some kinda put down against Megan. I don’t think there is ever pics of him with the 3 kids

  21. mfs hit dashers with the stun lock, meh it’s been dead for the past 7 months anyways

  22. I'n not a dasher, but this is so freaking wrong of door dash. This is the second post ive seen like this, its like they are not for sure punishing you dashers for not taking crappy orders,

  23. you have NOTHING to be embarrassed about. Its actually more common that women like to be dirty talked and degraded. I'm glad you had a good time.

  24. I had mine and it wasn't a big deal. I just told the nurse when I got there, and they gave me these weird unsexy mesh undies and a huuuge pad. They told me during the actual surgery they would cut it off and put something sterile but absorbent under me. I woke up back in the unsexy mesh undies with a giant pad again. The nurse helped me put a new pad in once but after that I handled it, and I had a relatively easy recovery.

  25. unsexy mesh undies.. lol thats so true! They didnt take mine off when i had my gallbladder removed. least i dont think they did

  26. I felt like every time Liz is shown on the talking head segments, she was making a hostage proof-of-life video. I don't know why she is punishing herself with Ed, but she can't even pretend to like him.

  27. Money..... Somewhat fame....... " I still laugh that she got a damn agent like shes some sort of celebrity" Ed did buy her a new car.....

  28. Neither of them are from a different country as well. This has nothing to do with a 90 day fiance visa or anything.

  29. them buttons on Ed's shirt are gonna pop any second and go flying across the country and hit Natalie in the eyes all the way in Florida.

  30. YTA. Not for "not finding your son s new tutor," but for MAKING THIS ABOUT YOUR RUDE KID'S DISCOMFORT AT NICOLE'S SURGERY SCARS."

  31. i wish i could upvote you a million times..... I agree... OP.... YTA. you need to teach your kids some freaking manners.

  32. OP still hasn’t had son apologise, but took his tablet away for a week, so thinks it’s all good now.

  33. oh wow...... tablet gone for a whole week???? poor kid probably had to use his phone now.....

  34. Jesus christ, I haven't served in 10years, but this gave me nightmarish flashbacks. I wouldn't go back to serving for any amount of money. Service staff should get trauma pay.

  35. lol same!!! its been 12 years since ive been a bartender or server. Same for my best friend. "we worked together and lived together. "

  36. Honestly I’m going to assume he has literally never scrubbed a toilet (or much of anything) in that house.

  37. I dont even like using the toilet brush to scrub my toilets cause i think " omg ewwwwww!" How in the world could ANYONE think using the holder as a cup is okay to use to bathe your BABY!!!

  38. Not even. Just bounce. Do it respectfully to your fellow servers, transfer checks, explain where every table is at. Explain it to the chef. Then when anyone asks why you left. you have the perfect cover.

  39. im thinking if they are that understaffed, the manager is gonna do a write up. If they would fire OP over one bad day, " dont know if this is the first time OP had this type of issue or what" but if they gonna fire over 1 bad day? OP is much much better off leaving.

  40. I agree with you 100 percent that they should leave. Conversely, I learned a long time ago that if I'm in a place that's understaffed, that is the fault of OWNERSHIP. Thus I'm not gonna drop my personal QOL over it.

  41. Same! Made for each other. Boring as hell too

  42. yeah they were boring on the reg. 90day and now on HEA they are even MORE boring. im waiting on her to already announce shes pregnant. "im just guessing she is i dont know that she is."

  43. i love that you stood up for yourself and your dog. I cant believe your parents had the gall to act like that and you leave then have the balls to ask you for the rent after you have left??? screw that!!!! stay at your bf;s for as long as you can. dont ever go back to your parents house. let the new playtoy of theirs pay your part of the rent.

  44. Had to google what "vocal fry" means. This

  45. Lol, it is annoying to hear that voice!

  46. I was gunna say!! I'm mid 20s and have a case like this. Before I was loosing my cards and phone, left and right. Now I haven't lost either in months. OP just has some weird vendetta against these phone cases.

  47. i love my cases like this. I dont always wanna carry my purse around so this makes it so much easier

  48. Who pissed in your cheerios this morning? You’re on a rampage and it doesn’t look good on you.

  49. Must have been my godson.... he been pissing everywhere lately. " he is starting to get outta that phase though and started using the bathroom when i threaten to take his playstation away.

  50. i used to get that when i was a cashier at walmart for a bit...... used to actually annoy the crap outta me

  51. YTA for letting it continue when your husband said no. the aunt said no to the gate and no is a complete sentence. Your parents removed a tree from a yard they DO NOT own. How stupid and selfish of them. Everyone is the AH besides your husband, his aunt and family. The Aunt can hire a lawyer and sue your parents and the company who did it without her permission. And honestly I hope she does

  52. I dont blame the aunt for giving the 30 day notice.... I would have done the same damn thing. How freaking selfish of OP. Whats with her dad??? They were told no, so he decides to go ahead and have them do an RV gate and cut the tree at a house he doesnt even live at "yet i guess" ... YTA OP. I hope your husband sees this huge red flag your waving and leaves

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