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  1. He doesn't. Lol l just saw the similarities and it made me laugh bc so many are loosing their mind trying to figure out who toxicitea is.

  2. In the comments she addresses that she is a member of the churchnstill and recognizes that everyone is a child if God and serves love and acceptance

  3. I think... Maybe.... In the UK they call ketchup tomato sauce? Idk, I've heard British people on SM refer to it that way. 🤷‍♀️

  4. The thing is, imo, reddit probably errs on the side of the complaintant and removes things that might not even be copyrighted just to avoid operation costs any potential legal costs.

  5. I would just start from the top going counter clockwise and then fix the other side where I missed and fisge it to meet correctly at the bottom

  6. INFO: do her height and weight require her to use a booster seat in your state? As far as I know the standard is 40 pounds and 40 inches.

  7. 40 lbs and 40" is probably when kids can move from a car seat to a booster. Most boosters are safe for kids 35-100 lbs. I think your info it wrong

  8. NTA, but What are the seat belt/car seat laws in your state? She probably doesn't need the high back anymore. She sound very tiny for her age.

  9. We don't like her, but IF she were in but not exploiting Luna I think there would be little to know snark

  10. Ah ok. I do follow that one too, so weird. I wonder if it really is her. I wonder if she is one of the people who a hacker stole their TikTok and is holding it for ransom. 🤔

  11. I think she sold it. There is no way she would allow that comment with Felon Daddy’s name out there

  12. I don't understand how or why one would . buy or sell an account. Please explain

  13. I mean... She doesn't let us anything, bitty I'd love an explanation

  14. Is it possible they are hidden not deleted? I don't knwknhiw that works, just thought if it

  15. I am just waiting for the post or blog regarding how it was all a mistake, she took a chance at love, it didn't work out and that's ok. And honestly it IS OK.

  16. Maybe this isn't a place for a dump but I have to say this.

  17. You've seen the videos of Cassie doing Rent, right? So so bad.

  18. I also genuinely hope Cassie is ok. I'm not a Stan or anything, but she really thinks that people want her tomoill herself, and I don't want that for anyone. Especially today with a famous person's suicide in the news I think it's important for us as a community to reiterate that we want her to be a healthy productive person and provide for her daughter's needs while protecting her from harm and harmful people, aka 💛

  19. Had anyone checked to see if Chris was arrested again or anything in the midst of this disappearance?

  20. From where I’ve checked, I’ve seen nothing new. Maybe our more experienced sleuths are checking.

  21. The thing is, and this may have been said, but the civil rights movement didn't start with Rosa Parks. She was a light skinned palatable face for the movement. She wasn't the first women or Black person to do this and get arrested. It absolutely was part of an agenda.

  22. That’s exactly what I thought too! Do they know that Rosa parks was heavily involved in the civil rights movement and did know exactly what she was doing on that bus!

  23. Right!? Ruby, "she wasn't looking for any outcome" just sitting down

  24. Also what is "creamer"? My creamer is always flavored, does she mean cream or half and half? I mean no that's gross but still wondering

  25. Why is she buying more? What are people supposedly saying to her?

  26. Idk, her eye look ok, I am starting to feel her eyes are kinda wide set tho

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