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  1. You're not giving us the full story at all. HR would not issue you a warning for asking a coworker out. There has to be more here

  2. Yes they would...... You totally get a warning from HR for making others feel uncomfortable. If asking someone out makes them uncomfortable then HR steps in

  3. HR would not call you in for a lecture for simply asking someone out and then dropping it. We absolutely are not getting the full story here. I don't think their friendship was as amicable as he's letting on.

  4. Last week HR at my work got involved because someone was offended after being told their microphone was too bad for zoom calls. Guy who complained about his colleagues microphone was given reading material on 'soft skills'. In my experience HR always steps in the second someone in unhappy

  5. I mean a man called Jesus of Nazareth almost certainly did exist 2000 years odd years ago. Did he turn water into wine? Probably not, doubt he also walked on water and he mostly certainly wasn't born of a virgin birth.

  6. I worked on Cats. I'd lay the blame squarely on MPC/Mill Film. This was Mill Film's first big job and they couldn't bring themselves to ever tell the director Tom Hooper "no". At the beginning of October (the film was in theaters in December) he was still tweaking the designs/grooms of the cats. We'd delivered only about 50 shots (the ones that were necessary for the first trailer) but had another 1800+ that hadn't even been started.

  7. But this is my point. Hooper shouldn't have been having these conversations directly with MPC, should be via a strong clientside VFX supe to keep a director's expectations in check

  8. Were those all client supes? I thought I heard the stretcher story about a MPC supe?

  9. Most guys don’t know these terms. As most women wouldn’t know a taper fade double 00 or what a pass interference penalty is.

  10. This video didnt just discuss “pimple” or “pore” did it? Dont ignore the juicer terms used in the video…

  11. He literally said his pores are gaping and he needed a pimple strip.....

  12. The Iraq thing that nation was overwhelmingly supportive if at a time and that multiple enquiries have cleared him if any wrong doing?

  13. Overwhelmingly? 53%. I'm not sure on what constitutes as overwhelmingly but it can't be just over half

  14. That’s just your circle. If you go to any church, you’d likely find that most people who go are white. I went to church for a couple of years when I was younger and congregation was almost 100% white.

  15. Yeah mate because people are going to openly say to you 'yeah your mum, my colleague, hate her mate'

  16. I always felt like you could tell that Nolan just didn't like him, honestly wasn't surprised when he just disappeared

  17. This is an interesting one. I’m a mum rather than a dad, and although he hasn’t ever said it, I think my husband has really struggled (we have a 3 year old girl). I see other dads who absolutely dote on their kids and are so happy whenever they’re around them, and that’s not him.

  18. Strange, theres a few comments here from women like you who believe their husbands have regrets. I wonder if its a case of men are more likely to regret having kids or women are more likely to perceive their husbands actions as a sign of not wanting to be a parent.

  19. It isn't a taboo to regret being a parent. I guess the taboo is talking about it. I mean see all the men that have gone to get some smokes or milk and haven't returned yet, or have managed to return when the kids have turned 18.

  20. My colour perception changed for a short time so I could only see in shades of green or gold.

  21. First of all: Welcome ! Where you from ? 2nd : toute mes félicitations pour ton désir d'apprendre le français! (My sister is teaching french to adult immigrants, who knows if you end up with her ! She is awesome in teaching french!) ... working in Outremont , you will likely encounter many anglophones, but frenchies as well. You trying hard to speak French will , in many cases, end up with a warm interaction with your customer. Now, your question: Bonjour/bonsoir, comment puis-je vous servir aujourd'hui? Autre chose ? (Busy) bonjour, je suis a vous dans quelques instants (Take out?) Pour ici ou pour emporter? Sucre et lait ? (Order completed) autre chose ? .....I am not a barista, so feel free to ask for ways to say specific things related to your upcoming job ! Hope this help ! Bonne chance!

  22. I'm still waiting for these 'warm interactions.' I usually just get grief or mocking laughter

  23. Just to clear something up here. The 'Royal Yacht' is something that has been pushed by right wing politicians and reportedly the Royal Family dont want it.

  24. Laundry is one aspect. Did he also enjoy cleaning his own toilet, dusting shelves, re-racking dishes, etc?

  25. I think lots of people enjoy cleaning their houses. I personally dont trust anyone else to clean my house, i like knowing its done properly

  26. Bourdain also paid a former child actor $380k in hush money to not bring charges against Bourdain's bizarre anti-me-too GF. Shelling out cash to cover sex abuse is pretty bourgeois.

  27. WTF are you on about. He never married Argento, he dated her for 2 years and she was the one who paid hush money. He also killed himself around the time this all came out despite the fact it had absolutely nothing to do with him

  28. So the real advice - are you certain the child is yours? Definitely insist on a paternity test.

  29. Further to this, how sure are we she is pregnant? She would be far from the first person to fake a pregnancy to try and save a dying relationship

  30. I onboarded wfh. If you’re struggling to train people with all the technological tools available to you this is on you.

  31. Yes I'm sure if your job is simple as fuck you can train someone remoletly. We're all very impressed

  32. Will it potentially fuck over foreign investors and mega landlords? If so then 'fucking yes'.

  33. I think that was the "Kill The Bill" protest the following year.

  34. Will be closed as felony murder by the shooter. Police are not responsible, let’s go home boys

  35. Yeah as a foreigner it fucking baffles me when they bang on about 'freedom'.

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