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  1. What can I even get fo JoRam at this point? His numbers are terrible

  2. Keller breakout season maybe coming to a close

  3. Mitch Keller forget how to get K's against the worst team in baseball?

  4. And by week two he'll have an extreme case of gout.

  5. Could have been one of the best pitchers to ever play the game if he stayed healthy. Gotta think this is about the end of the road for him at this point.

  6. The end of the road of achieving GOAT status? I think that ship has already saled. End of his career though? Most likely not

  7. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if he hung it up or if he played again at this point. Going to be a long road ahead for his recovery with his age and injury history.

  8. I would lean burks due to the talent, draft capital, and him being conditioned now to his environment. He had a rough last year due to health/injury.

  9. Seems like all of those things can be said for Watson as well.

  10. Well burks was drafted earlier, couldn’t breath because of asthma, was injured. But I am not saying they are worlds apart but qb aside he is a better talent at least starting in the nfl. Time will tell who comes ahead and Watson scares me because greenbay already came out and said to fans please give Love time to develop which is never a good sign.

  11. Burks was drafted earlier but that doesn't really mean anything at this point. They both have great draft capital. 34th overall is essentially a first rounder for GB.

  12. Been sitting on the wire for closer to 6 weeks in my league.

  13. That's "Opening Day Starter" Alek Manoah, to you.

  14. Anyone can buy a verified account nowadays. I don't trust this random guy more than anyone else.

  15. It’s not the type of verification you can buy with a subscription

  16. Either way McKenzie doesn't make sense based on other statements like he was on the team when they bet on Colts games. And there are plenty of" legit" verified accounts that don't know anything.

  17. Drop Lynn drafted in 12th round or Manoah drafted in 4th round flair league keepers? Lol having a hard time pulling the trigger on dropping one or both

  18. People keep saying to hold onto these guys, but realistically, they aren't worth rostering in all formats. They've been flat out bad and have hurt your team more than they've helped it. Lynn was dropped in my league weeks ago and no one has even attempted to pick him up.

  19. Why is Santander suddenly the best player in baseball when I'm playing him this week?

  20. Another day, another starting pitcher who leaves the game early. Fun game we play!

  21. Sean Murphy sitting again... They're basically going back to their early season plan of sitting him every other game now....

  22. Teoscar Hernandez is so unbelievably disappointing this season. I have no faith in him in any given at bat. He looks lost.

  23. I’m new to baseball so I don’t know too much. I’m in a four man league with some friends and got a trade offer. I give up Yordan Alvarez, and in return I get joe Ryan and Ozzie Albies. Thoughts?

  24. Tell your friend to go fuck himself

  25. Thanks for the sweat, Castillo... Jesus

  26. I pick today. If you had to pick who would you take? -Flowers -Johnston

  27. Good news for Vlad. Just DTD

  28. So Wheeler just kind of sucks now huh?

  29. I'd be willing to sell low if someone made me an offer

  30. JRod finally moved down to 6 in the lineup hahaha

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