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  1. The thing with Zacha was he was rushed. His rookie year he either had to play in the NHL or juniors since he was a junior player. Going back to juniors would of been no benefit to him. Zacha really needed to go the AHL and develop like Holtz is now. It’s just the way the system was designed with regards to junior players and the AHL.

  2. Yeah, and I think part of the issue is that he never had to earn his roster spot. His rookie season he was too young for the AHL and we basically had to play him out of necessity just to fill out a roster that was basically devoid of anything. Otherwise we would have ended up having to sign some useless FA to pretty much do nothing aside from being a warm body out there. Might as well throw in the kid, right? Give him some experience in what was a foregone conclusion to be a tank year from the outset. Ever since then it’s just been like… yeah he’s a disappointment for sure but there’s no one in the pipeline you can slot in his place that wouldn’t make the roster substantially worse. At this point he’s a warm body that gets hot sometimes, but he’s a better warm body than any alternative we have at this point. He’s never had to fight to earn his spot in the lineup. He was thrown in out of necessity and stays in the lineup because well, he’s an NHL player of some caliber that beats the alternative of Geersten or waiver fodder prospect.

  3. That 4 minute power play was an absolute Devils Classic. What other team would hand over a shorthanded goal immediately following a penalty shot given up while on the power play. It’s almost impressive. I’ve given up on the season so I’m pretty numb to losses at this point, but they keep finding new ways to surprise me.

  4. Very frustrating to give up their go ahead goal after only a minute. TB just put it into another gear and caught us flat footed.

  5. I don’t know what it is, but the Devils seem to give up a goal within 5 minutes of scoring at least once a game. Not sure if they take their foot off the gas or just have their head in the clouds after scoring but when the other team decides to respond to a goal the Devils just seem incapable of stopping it. If I get bored later I’d love to see how many goals they’ve given up within 5 minutes of scoring. Would also like to see how many goals they’ve given up in the last 2 mins of a period.

  6. Why am I getting the feeling that they’re just going to do a copy of the green layout from last year but with the tacky “Jersey” text instead of the Devils logo as the crest.

  7. Mmmmmm is he? I don’t think he is. We were outright sunk by goaltending last night. Completely outplayed them up and down the ice except for the actual puck going in the net

  8. You’re not gonna win many games scoring one goal.

  9. Nope - after we got Jack and Nico back we lost Dougie. Those are our big 3.

  10. I’m just tired of hearing year after year this is actually a good thing because we’ll have another top 5 pick when we haven’t had the luxury of enjoying a competitive hockey game after November since 2018. And I get what you’re saying but the last time we had a very tradeable asset going into the offseason we ended up with Chase Stillman in the pipeline instead.

  11. I don’t understand what Devils fans are so sad about. Devils have one of the best young players in the league and he’s only 20. They have a good core of young players. If they had an actually starting goalie instead of a string of backups, they’d be competitive right now.

  12. An entire decade of watching games for the sole purpose of hoping one of the young guys does something encouraging while every team in the league slam dunks on us every single game? Trying to pick out positives from 5-1 losses multiple times a week? Watching rival teams bottom out and bounce right back to competing in less than half the time it takes us to get our shit together once and perpetually being 2-3 years out? Hearing year after grueling year that we should have expected this record if we were paying attention despite management’s stated goal of “meaningful games in March” for the first time in 5 years, and being told that this is actually better because hey, another top 5 pick to add to the “we’ll be good in 2-3 years” arsenal? Because we haven’t seen a competitive hockey game after November since 2018? Because I can’t remember what it feels like to be excited about and enjoying to watch hockey anymore.

  13. You know what's hard for me? All the change at once, while becoming bad at the same time. I risk getting blasted for this, but it's how I feel. The goal song change, the jersey change in 2017, the PA announcer change, the third jersey tragedy etc etc etc.

  14. The lack of team identity and culture is the worst after decades of knowing what devils hockey meant

  15. I feel like everything that used to make going to games awesome is gone. My gf wants to go to more games this season and I’m embarrassed to bring her.

  16. God even when we score it seems like a circus with these jerseys and that damn goofy announcer.

  17. Holy shit. I totally forgot there was a game going on. Thought this thread was a joke and read through it thinking it was a parody thread. The horror when I decided to check

  18. And the top guys never will be. But I’ll take 40goals proven for a first and second with a lower guy thrown in any day of the week. As unpopular of an opinion as that may be

  19. Coulda had DeBrincat instead of McLeod. But we went with the “safe” project pick. Dude had Gretzky-level numbers in Juniors, of course he was gonna figure out how to score in the NHL.

  20. Agreed. We need guys that currently play the game well. Not guys that maybe could possibly someday be good.

  21. You have to look at timing needs as well. If you draft a player, they’re likely not ready for 2-5 years but you have his rights at a discount rate for a decade plus. If you trade for a player you give up assets for a player that’s likely under contract for 4 years or less, or on a long term contract for a lot of money that we end up paying out until he’s 35+. Can be worth it but need to make sure his prime aligns to our window.

  22. Very happy with the drafting since 2015. Hitting on multiple >4th round picks is not an easy thing to do. Hope the trend continues

  23. If only our first rounders aside from 1OAs would pan out to be better than 3rd/4th liners.

  24. It was a back to back. Young guys still trying to figure it out. Hischier looks good all game, Gilles has been pretty average (which is what we need). Bratt was flying. We let the start of the third get away from us.

  25. 2 blown leads and another second period of 5 SOG. If this was a one off game I’d agree with you but this happens literally every single game without fail.

  26. Watching ruff coach this team has been getting more and more frustrating. Like we have last change, why are we rolling out the mercer line and 3rd pairing against kopitars line? Why are we playing the 4th line with the jaros pairing with 4 minutes left in the game and then decide not to take a timeout. Why did Jack get his ass chewed out after the 1st turnover to the point where he doesnt do it again. Why are we dumping the puck when we are losing every 50/50. Why do we refuse to finish checks? Maybe its a young team problem but it seems like it could also be a system to keep flow in transition.

  27. That fucking press conference he was talking like they won the game, just talking about how well they played and how he liked everyone’s game. Also taking a fucking time out with 20 seconds left after taking a too many men penalty. Like you had a stoppage with 2 mins left when you needed to get the goalie out of there. Wtf.

  28. Not expecting miracles, but if they boys can manage to finish and score some goals, actually show up to play in the second period, not turn the puck over so much trying to clear the zone, not give up a goal with less than 2 mins left in the period, just show some heart out there and play a 60 minute game I’ll be happy.

  29. They’ll say that the bill expanded social programs for illegal immigrants.

  30. Aside from taxes, murphy's got decent to good approval ratings

  31. Murphy has raised taxes by closing tax loopholes such allowing tax deductions for limousines and private yacht sales, extending an already existing corporate tax rate, and rich people benefitting from tax giveaways for the 1% from the Trump tax cuts. So those are the taxes people are complaining about. Sorry you have to pay an extra $5k on your private yacht so we can fix our pension system for state workers. I feel for you, I really do.

  32. It’s a really lazy design, it’s an exact copy of the Blackhawks stadium series jersey, the font is stolen from Loony Tunes and is cartoony and looks silly, it’s un-ironically a meme jersey, it has zero ties back to the Devils as a hockey team. We parade our barely functional team out on the ice to embarrass themselves wearing a “Jersey” jersey in cartoon font and quite literally look like a joke in front of the rest of the league. It’s embarrassing to the state.

  33. im a big pavel fan- but i think he should be a main piece in a trade for a better forward

  34. I keep seeing this float around- in what scenario do we possibly trade Zacha and get a better forward out of the deal?

  35. I think the first would be the main piece in that scenario. And usually teams don’t win trades that trade away their firsts.

  36. I still can’t believe that after 3 years of design this is what they came to. Anyway, while I’ll never be seen rocking these I’m glad some people really seem to dig the design, I suppose it’s not a complete disaster.

  37. This is the first time I’ve had a close look at the numbers - they are actually really nice. Love the semi-3D but also kind of drop shadow style.

  38. Numbers look great, I just can’t stand the font. It’s too cartoony or looks like it would be on the sign of a cupcake bakery or something. It just looks too goofy for me to overcome the nice aspects of the design.

  39. Yeah, they've been playing like the team we expected them to be (and saw them be) back in October as of late. Good enough to contend for a playoff bid, but probably just a hair short of being a real bona fide post-season team.

  40. Idk. I was encouraged until watching them play against the isles and it was the same fundamental mistakes. Score a goal, but blow the lead by giving up a power play goal with one minute left in the period. Again special teams again can’t close out a period. I swear once that clock hits 2 minutes they just flop around and hope the clock runs out. Second period - again just 6 shots on goal, give up a go-ahead goal. This team has absolutely atrocious play in the second, they must average 5 shots per game in the second and outscored by double digits. Again trail going into the third, again take 10 mins to start getting it together. Tie the game up, but again, give up a goal within 5 minutes. Whenever this team scores, they lose all momentum and give up a goal within 5 minutes of scoring. This happens just about every game. If they would have tied the game, it would go to OT. Either Jack would get a lucky goal or we lose in the shootout. We’ve had the same problems since last season and we’re not going to play at a 90-point pace until we fix these fundamental issues. They have almost the exact same record as this point in the season last year. Can count the number of 3+ game win streaks on one hand going back years.

  41. I'll admit the only game I wasn't able to watch this calendar year was the most recent against NYI.

  42. Just feel like every game is exactly the same, could be scripted. First period - come out hot, outshoot opponent. Most of the time can’t finish and momentum turns after 2 bad power plays where we can’t get anything going. But if we do score, one of either 3 things happen: we can’t hold the lead for more than 4 minutes, we take a bad penalty and give up a PPG, or we give up a goal with less than 2 minutes. Sometimes combination thereof. Second period, always come out with zero momentum, 4 or 5 shots on goal, 2+ goals against. Third period: come out trailing and can’t get anything going for the first 10 minutes. Finally gain some momentum but it’s either too little too late or they score with less than a minute to tie it. Go to OT and lose in the shootout. Nothing consistent except inability to capitalize on key PPs or sloppy play in their own zone failing to clear leading to turnovers and goals against. Feel like the players we rely on to score are really streaky, and no one seems to hit a streak at the same time. Occasionally we get a 2 game win streak here or there but other than that just more of the same.

  43. Will we ever play again stares into the distance

  44. It’s almost worse now. We have another 3-4 months of meaningless games where we try to find silver linings that maybe things will be different next year. And then the long summer where baseball is the only thing going on. And every year I try but I can’t get into baseball because it’s just so boring and I give up after the first few innings. And then development camp feels like that scene in Shawshank Redemption after he crawls through the pipe and he’s standing outside the prison in the rain. And then nothing. And then I have a solid 2-3 weeks in October before the Devils and Giants are effectively eliminated from playoff contention. Start researching incoming draft classes, rinse, repeat.

  45. Is Shak eligible to play? He is signed to an NHL contract

  46. Believe he’s currently still under his KHL contract this season.

  47. Don’t think that guy is part of the Kalculator Klan. But could potentially be?! I don’t even know anymore.

  48. No clue how. I love Hughes, he’s elevated himself so much. But to say he should’ve been in over Bratt who’s played so many more games with more points, is astounding levels of fanboyism to me.

  49. Because the NHL is pushing him, hard. Not that it’s bad for us or him, it’s great. Think his fun interview style makes him an NHL darling. I think it might also have to do with the fact that he’s American. Bratt has easily been our most solid player but Jack just has thats”it” factor that the NHL is looking. Proud of Bratter for gaining enough attention to get into the Last Men In phase. I don’t think he’ll get chosen, unfortunately. But still least Bratt’s getting the recognition. He deserves.

  50. It would have happened under Lou right? Cause I just can’t imagine him giving anyone a break on anything that could hurt his vision of what a team should be, and look like, and what not.

  51. Lou commented that the organization was not aware of the incident and would not have drafted him if they had heard about it.

  52. You're absolutely right for now. But his days still seem numbered here.

  53. His days seem numbered? What are we gonna do, trade him for future considerations and play someone worse in his place? No more stacking 3rd round picks, we need roster players now and we’re not getting one for Zacha or somehow taking him out of our lineup without becoming a worse team. Dudes streaky. He is what he is.

  54. It’s true. You can let the youngsters develop all you can but there needs to be a consistent drive for them all. That being the ability to win hockey games based on strategic system alone. What we lack in our overall skill/chemistry/cohesiveness can be at least reinforced by approach and attitude. And the approach I see is weak. Too many Line changes lead to mistakes as opposed to development. Lindy did pretty much all he can by this point, we need to grow these boys into men, and kids like Mercer, bratt and Hughes need some serious guidance going forward. Guidance they can’t possibly get from a 72 Y/O coach that clearly remains the coach he was in Buffalo. (Very much love for ruff) Don’t ask me who we need but we won’t find them in ruff. This game never stops changing

  55. That’s true. I think part of the reason the Devils are so far behind in developing an “identity” was because in Lou’s later years he tried to hold together the team’s defensive identity both in drafting and free agency with duct tape instead of recognizing the need for a full rebuild while also adapting to a league that was more focused on speed, skill, and goal scoring. In his mind, they nearly had a Stanley Cup team in 2012, then we lost Parise. So we were one piece away from being a contender again. And then we lost Kovy, so we were a goal scorer and a playmaker away from being a contender. And Marty was getting older, so we were a playmaker, goal scorer, and a goalie away from being a contender. So you see moves like signing players like Michael Ryder to hope to recreate one of the 30+ goal seasons of his career. And trading the 9th overall pick for Cory Schneider. Combine that with a period of piss poor drafting and you have a team of declining vets on bad contracts getting worse every year, but can still pull together enough wins with Cory Schneider playing out of his mind to keep finishing just below middle of the pack. Missing the playoffs but also missing out on prime draft positions. Ended up as a team with 35 year old Scott Gomez on the top line and Reid Boucher as their most promising prospect. Ray Shero took over the team in worse shape than an expansion team. Just bad contracts, old players, and no prospects. We had to basically build the current core from the ground up, the team was in absolute shambles.

  56. I personally love them. You don’t often get the opportunity to be the guy with a shit-eating grin on his face as a devils fan but when casual fans see it and put it together it’s awesome. My personal favorite is Christmas trees from 2000. But to get these hilarious new concepts makes me happy. Although we’re an expansion team, we’ve always been so focused on tradition and making the devils our own, there’s been no deviation from the norm that makes us unique as far as hockey being played goes. We did it in the 90’s, we kicked off 2000 this way and took our last one home in ‘03. Games changed and Jaques ain’t here no more. So with where hockey is after the most important 15 year stretch in the sports history, which direction does the sport go? Does it continue to be nerfed like football? Does it get more aggressive and technically focused like soccer? Does it begin to interfere with the physical heart and soul of the game itself once coaches figure they can rest players based on an expanded bench?

  57. Not sure if this is a joke or not, but I don’t think what the team was going for, nor is it particularly awesome to have effectively a meme jersey that the team has to play in, especially with their current record of play as of late. It makes us look quite literally like a joke. The rest of the post is all over the place. The Christmas tree jerseys weren’t from the 2000s, they were the original jerseys from the 80s. They were brought back in the 2000s, not as nod to Xmas but as a retro throwback. It wasn’t meant to be a hilarious throwback. And the green reverse retros were a League-wide initiative, every team had one as a play on the design of an older era jersey. The Devils aren’t an expansion team, they moved from Colorado and prior to that were the Kansas City Scouts. There was plenty unique about how the Devils played. They basically invented an entire defensive strategy limiting teams to 15 shots a game with Marty effectively playing as a 3rd defenseman. That’s what made the Devils such a dominant team in the late 90s and the 2000s. The league literally made new rules because of how Marty and the Devils played in order to promote a faster, high scoring game rather than defensive minded. Not sure where you’re going with the rest of the post, but there are rules about how many players a team can carry on the roster and how many players can be iced each night, so I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

  58. Ugh every time I look at those black jersey I absolutely love the back of them but despise the front. The numbers on the back look clean. Nice collection!

  59. Agree, could be so fresh if they kept it simple but the font is just too cartoony.

  60. Well so far we’ve given up a lead on a PPG against, with a minute left in the period, after blowing through 2 power plays. This has Devils Classic written all over it. Isles will ride the momentum into the second and score 2+ while the Devils will get 4-5 SOG. Being down 2+ going into the 3rd, they’ll piss away the first 10 mins of the period trying to gain momentum, maybe give up one more. Then they’ll finally get desperate and tilt the ice with 5 mins left in the period. But it’ll be too little too late and score a garbage goal or two, or they’ll tie it in the last 30 seconds and lose in the shootout. Book it. Cue excuses from the coaching staff that “they boys never quit” and people in the post-game thread being happy with the loss because we can take some good things away.

  61. Is he calling shango shara? Tf? Pk stop with the nicknames for the love slewfooting

  62. You're right they are. And if he was pulling him over to give him that ticket you'd be right. Instead he drove past the guy after he moved over because HE WASNT TRYING TO CATCH A CRIMINAL HE JUST WANTED TO SPEED WITHOUT REPERCUSSIONS.

  63. I keep wondering why these “back the blue” people welcoming a fascist police state as if they think it won’t suck for them living under it too. But the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that these people will be jumping all over each other to be the first ones in line for their mandatory cavity searches. These are also the same people that say wearing a mask causes them severe claustrophobia and violates their rights, and compare prominent anti-vaxxers to civil rights leaders like Rosa Parks and MLK. Someone actually made that comment this week in a thread about hockey of all things. These people can’t wait to wake up every morning to lick some serious boot in an authoritarian police state simultaneously bragging we’ve never been so free.

  64. Yea, that's what we need. Cops flying through traffic at twice the speed limit to hunt "speeders".


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