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  1. Actually pretty concerned that Heppell ‘N The Boiz are gonna roll us with their fierce tackling they practiced at training this week, as well as the fire & brimstone media approach that’s been happening to them lately. Could be fired up.

  2. Tasmanian Two-Heads would be fitting. As a proud Tasmanian, I approve.

  3. Well, looks like Marlion has been offered a week.

  4. Hopefully he lines up next to Prestia, so we can call them Biggie and Smalls.

  5. Pretty fucken gross to see cunts in the match thread doing love hearts and saying "cop that Ginnivan".

  6. Yeah I’ll admit I did that before I deleted it. I was at the game and didn’t actually see what happened from level 4 properly. Deleted that comment as soon as I saw it. Elbows to the back of the head are just simply trashy and unacceptable. He knows better, Mansell.

  7. Tell you what, Maurice and Stacky in the team makes me pretty stiff. Thank heavens for the return of Lambo, Soldo and Grimers. Keen as for this one.

  8. You really shouldn’t generalize an extremely complex mental health issue like this. There are plenty of people with BPD who work really hard to still be good people, and they’ll see this comment saying you should run from all of them, and they’ll be pretty hurt.

  9. Agreed. Bad people like Heard give BPD stigma for how they behave.

  10. I have a feeling it’ll be Gibcus, RCD, Rhyan Mansell and Kamdyn. I feel this is too much a massive clash and I think I’d trust those four the most to get the job done.

  11. I think you're right, but I'd love to see Rioli in there. He's a wrecking ball on tackles, and that's what we need, especially with Pickett out. Didn't realize we had lost Ralphsmith and Pickett, both of whom had been playing pretty decently.

  12. Absolutely. Losing those two hurts. I think Hugo copped a knock to the ribs last game. Marlion has been red-hot so maybe good to rest him for a week.

  13. Cotchin (three time premiership captain, brownlow medalist), Riewoldt (three time coleman medalist) and Dusty (three time norm smith medalist, brownlow medalist)

  14. Not a bad W at all considering the loss of Grimes, Vlastuin, Jack & Dusty. Happy.

  15. Literally my childhood right there in that image. Going to be a very special day bringing the whole community together for this.

  16. People trying to make this somehow negative is so fucking funny. This is ripping for the club. Two absolute professionals and on field generals. Grimes with the media skills and nank might be one of the best impact players in the comp. He's so incredibly important to the way Richmond plays and with soldo back will have a lot more support in ruck duties. Great decision. Wrapt.

  17. Don't worry Combo, that guy up there strongly dislikes Richmond from memory. Very happy with the co-captains!

  18. Actually was surprised at first, but now I’m not surprised with Nank & Grimes. Two of Richmond’s biggest on-field leaders.

  19. Lambo seems pretty popular inside the club as the pick. Although I feel like it’ll be Grimes or Graham. Probably Graham.

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