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  1. As a high schooler myself, I refuse to accept you as one of my kind. Prithee, return back to where thou did come from.

  2. I’m very happy you don’t claim me as “one of your kind”. I will literally wear this as a badge of honor.

  3. Why are you even bothering to pick a fight on the sub about helping people pick a car to buy lol? Look around you several ppl graciously offered insight (without the attitude) that I like having to pair with what I read of all the generic car websites with "professional" writers. Anectodal experience is valuable when understanding things beyond a 1-5 score you see on a website. Many of which are probably taking their ques from the auto industry and can't tell me how this car held up 5-10 years after they published their data. Seriously why are you even here If you think people opinions on Reddit are pointless?

  4. Because it makes you waste time typing out paragraphs like that

  5. The only thing wasting my time is you. Another commenter gave me a lengthy response full of great anecdotal information that not only challenged my preconceived notions but also gave me great tips as to where to focus my research. Pretty helpful I'd say and worth 5 minutes of my day responding to. This childish bs that your doing is wasting my time and contributes nothing to the sub literally called WHAT CAR SHOULD I BUY! Lmao you're a clown.

  6. Hey look, you wasted more time typing out another paragraph that I won’t read lol

  7. That's terribly wasteful! When my ex worked a Frito-Lay route, they'd call area hog farmers to come take away their past date chips. It was free food for the farmer and their location didn't have to pay a trash company to haul away their trash.

  8. Oh trust me, someone paid for that trash to be moved even if it was good food that ended up being fed to livestock

  9. I sure hope that’s what they actually do rather than doing what 7/11 does and places day old food in smell-proof bags and tossing them into a locked dumpster so that literally no one can eat that perfectly edible food.

  10. Anything works If you have the right imagination

  11. Precisely. So, who volunteers to contact Massachusetts Memes for the sole purpose of soliciting a redress for this linguistically egregious affront?

  12. Now I'm curious. It does seem like the signs are placed on the line, but even with a setback you'd see it before you were in the state. Time to do my own research 💉🥃

  13. Well sure you can see the sign, but you aren’t in Massachusetts until you pass the sign.

  14. Oh you are right.. But the consequences of those actions shouldn't be death

  15. Well sure but if you harass someone until they kill themselves is that not basically inflicting the death penalty?

  16. Why? Because of what they look like? Plenty of popular people get shit said about them on a daily basis . Would you say Kim Kardashian is going to kill herself? People hate her

  17. You’re projecting. I never mentioned anything about how that mod looked

  18. But a tsunami does not consume things to get stronger. If you throw debris at a tsunami it does not get stronger.

  19. A tsunami filled with debris is most certainly more dangerous than a tsunami without it. That’s a lot of force and when it’s filled with solid objects, it’s a recipe for even further disaster just like a tornado filled with debris.

  20. Are you talking strictly about people being burned alive or are you including deaths through smoke inhalation and cancer caused by the byproducts of burning things?

  21. What exactly is wrong with supporting Canadian truckers?

  22. If they are actually doing their jobs and not whining about getting a vaccine, nothing at all.

  23. Then he steals your car and makes you walk to work

  24. Usually when people are mean to me I think it’s because I’ve done something wrong

  25. Nah it’s nothing personal, I just like getting a rise out of people lol and you provided it very well. I will sleep good tonight

  26. You just made me feel anxious. Idk why that would get you off, but whatever floats your boat

  27. Shit like this is why I both love and hate sorting by new. This looks like some shit you’d see from a mod on antiwork because they literally can’t do anything for themselves other than power trip on Reddit.

  28. For the record I put in a lot of work to get to this point. Very satisfied. I love my Babys

  29. I was not sexually attracted to the kids on youtube, nor am I now. As I've told you repeatedly, watching kids spank each other did not make me aroused in any way. I don't watch videos of kids, nor am I attracted to them in real life. You are just wrong as the other two commenters said. Goodnight.

  30. You were sexually aroused by the actions of those kids and wanted to reenact what you saw because kids were doing it (which was CP).

  31. It was not CP it was a youtube video, and like I said I did not even begin getting hard until after I thought about my girlfriend. I was not aroused by the video in any way. It simply reminded me of slapping my girlfriends ass which is what aroused me.

  32. You being sexually attracted to anything happening on YouTube involving kids makes you a pedo. You watching an underaged kid spank another underaged kid on YouTube making you want to try this in real life because it makes you sexually aroused makes you a pedo because it clearly turned you on watching kids spank eachother.

  33. Find me the least relatable person to speak on behalf of 1.7 million people

  34. “Insert joke about any president in the history of presidents”

  35. Oh shit, this sub became public again after banning everyone who disagreed with that shit mod?

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