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  1. Play Chicago/ everyone sits in a circle take a hit hold it in till it’s back to you then exhale it repeat

  2. Was towards the comments , pretty much saying these niggas don’t know and are the type to say “if it’s clear it’s ⛽️ ⛽️ “

  3. To dumb it down for you, I was complimenting your “papaya cake”

  4. Yea found a bag of weed on the ground skipping school rolled a blunt and it was k2 I realized after 2 puffs everything got bright and I was laughing for like 15 mins then it wore off

  5. I've never seen a peak in such a bad state 🤣😂 you must of been dabbing the hell out of it

  6. Yes😂not in a while though I’m getting a new chamber then it’ll get cleaned

  7. 2 grams? Big woods? Is that like when u put .5 in a swisher lol?

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