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  1. I love it! Pineapple is surprisingly good on a lot of things. I’m Italian so people come down hard on me for liking it but I’m like piss off I like what I like

  2. I used to work with Korean guys who washed before they pissed because they say their hand was dirty and their dick was clean 🤷‍♂️

  3. Seriously? Because no person has ever driven in the US with Mexico or Canada license plates? How long have cars been crossing international borders in the US? How many trucks cross the border from Mexico and Canada daily? As someone who lives in Oregon, there are plenty of Canadian license plates traveling through the state especially now when the “snowbirds” are leaving the desert southwest and heading back to Canada. The RVs will be passing through Oregon again come October when they leave for the winter. It’s the same damn thing! Cop was an ignorant douche.

  4. Upgrade at least one weapon that the security guards can carry to level 8 and set your base to use long range weapons. Once I combined these two attributes people ignored my fob

  5. Completely ridiculous!!! I absolutely HATE the new changes and it has completely ruined my commute.

  6. The new schedule does not work, period. The old schedule needs to return, it worked well. Grand Central Madison is not worth the other millions of commuters that don’t and never needed direct access to that station. This was the most ridiculous thing the lirr has ever done. Originally I thought they were gonna add trains to accommodate this station, not steal trains from every line and disrupt the entire system.

  7. What the fuck was the catalyst for this?? This cop not only seems to have gone berserk on the suspect for no reason, he’s also complete shit at administering a beating. I feel bad for the guy getting the punches but also for his partner, putting her in this situation. What a total and complete asshole.

  8. I love the robot calls more than any of the others. The robot voice is the perfect antiLorne because of how it can repeat the same phrase over and over and it just gets under lornes skin. Reborne does an excellent job manning the robot and then interjecting as Will , just the perfect combo to send Lorne off the deep end. Combine all that with Patrick doing the Lorne impression for the in between texting and it’s gold.

  9. Mustard. It’s a decent condiment on other things but not in a burger. Disgusting.

  10. The new schedule is a massive disruption to millions of people. The LIRR can fuck off. I was very happy with the railroad until this bullshit . Grand central on the East side? Fuck that station , no one cares about it. Dumbest decision they ever made.

  11. No way. 4-6 weeks the most. You’ll turn yellow and die if keep going

  12. Seriously why in the holy fuck did we need to add Grand Central to the stations?!?!? Assholes can’t take a 5 minute walk from Penn Station? Had to displace millions of people who are all now jam packed onto these wayward trains. Complete bullshit. We’ve all been taking the same train for years and now this crap?! Why not put some goddamn WiFi on the trains? Maybe a bathroom in every other car? Fix that goddamn signal in Jamaica? All better uses of funds than adding a stop literally a few blocks from the most major hub. Clowns!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I like to drink but I suck at being drunk. I’m a lightweight and fall asleep once I’m drunk. Plus my wife likes to drink so when we go out I can drive and she can let loose.

  14. he must be with that FAWKIN CAWKSUCKA ,,, mmgmnngmnfnhh RAWD

  15. Why do people continue to do this? I seriously don’t understand.

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