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  1. No. I honestly just found out about all this arg stuff and don’t understand anything but the obvious details. Also, thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

  2. I'm not sure why it says new on Rock & Alt when it debuted at #31 last week.

  3. No worries. I haven’t been to that venue in 10 years, so I wasn’t sure, last time I went there I had lawn seats. Ill be aiming for the VB show anyway.

  4. I was there for Imagine Dragons last August and it was amazing so I’m hoping these guys can live up to me first concert lol

  5. I'm numb. I've been in love with Fever as one of the best albums ever for the last 15 years. I was always holding out hope of at least a one off show of the original band. They hold a special place in my heart as one of the greatest bands, best song writers, and true trendsetters of a genre and scene. This is devastating.

  6. FOB and Panic were two of the first bands I fell in love with. This hurts. I’m at school and it’s tough around here 😭😭😭😭

  7. So going to the event is a scam because they take your phones lol? You can’t just take peoples phones WTH

  8. this is incredible, I didn’t expect a new single until February!

  9. I was thinking early March and album drop we’re gonna be the other ones

  10. Believer and Thunder with it literally saying never give up. Also On Top Of The World. Warriors also.

  11. Thank you so much for making this! This was my first concert and I've been looking for a compilation/video of the whole thing for awhile. I was left side, only a few rows in front of the lawn

  12. I was right side in the lawn. Dan walked right in front of me when he came out to the lawn

  13. dude thank you sm, i was at this show in the pit to the right side maybe 10 feet away from dan, this will be great to go back and watch now

  14. Same, I just hope Joe is able to make it. 😭 It was so sad missing him at ALTer EGO.

  15. Wait. I thought i didn’t see him when watching the livestream. Why was he not there?

  16. This is amazing just add all the weird from Saturday like the shirts and what Pete said during the set.

  17. I have never put much thought into FOB song lengths, weirdly I feel like anything under 6min is in the same category of length, or that under 3min is really short and 3-6min is normal length.

  18. Talking to Avenged Sevenfold with multiple 10 min songs and a 15 min song 🤣🤣

  19. Avenged Sevenfold isn't really my type of metal, but yeah, long metal songs seem pretty common with metal bands, seems to be pretty natural for some metal bands to just take their sweet time and have a good time with coming up with cool shit. Stratovarius alone seems to consistently have a longer, usually around 10min track, to finish their albums, but that's not always the case. Their "Nemesis" album doesn't have a super long track, but interestingly most of the songs on that album are around 6min. With their latest album, in one of the interviews (where the interviewer asked about the finisher on the album, "Voice Of Thunder") they said they don't aim to create these ~10min tracks, but if things just align well and they have ideas, they kinda naturally just extend to that 10min mark.

  20. Yeah. It would be kinda cool to get a 6 min closer from FOB8 ngl. Just to see another prospective would be cool

  21. Maybe they will be short bullshit tracks, not full songs

  22. Little elements like Birds, gears and little snakes move around so I figured that counted. Also I needed to complete 9 songs for this thing to look aesthetically pleasing to me

  23. That’s way not possible plus if album comes out in April or May like guessed, then there’s probably a single early March then early April or even release day.

  24. What if I say in d if straight sucks 🤣🤣. One of my favorites if I’m being real tho

  25. They’re actually my second favorite behind the dragons. If it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have found FOB

  26. Okay so someone under the twitter post said this "maybe i’m just looking too far into it??? mania was released 1,818 days ago and lftos is being released on january 18? 1818 represents “new beginnings and prosperity”" And fob's official twitter posted that gif of Winona Ryder looking confused and doing math.

  27. At least I’m not the only one thinking there’s a correlation with the 1 and 18

  28. What if it was a foreshadow that they were announcing song 1 of 13 the next day aka today? Maybe FOB8 has 13 songs and we are getting #1 now aka the 18th

  29. hmm maybe let's see. I just hope they didnt have some fun planned ruined by their peers lack of support lmao. I love them and just want the best for them.

  30. It’s worth mentioning that literally every song in this list is still at least an 8/10 except for the bottom two

  31. TTOTBO is literally my number 2. There’s reasons it’s called opinions tho

  32. He’s okay. I liked most of his work with Linkin Park. I don’t like RHCP so that stuff is definitely not appealing to me. Eminem of course was good.

  33. I agree with all but PO. Only because I like NITAN. I hate PO. Yes I already know I’m getting downvoted lol

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