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  1. Just FYI…. This bass only has 2 pickups. The split, P-style pickup is acting as 1 pickup

  2. They they would’ve handed him a red or green card for pass or fail. And then he would’ve been called up by management. The stings are performed by private companies not the police. ****in my area of NJ anyway I guess it could be different everywhere.

  3. In my area of NJ (just outside of New Brunswick), the State Police perform the stings for both cigarettes and alcohol

  4. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but how do you measure the size of the shaft if the threads run all the way up the lag bolt?

  5. The threads in your pic don’t run all the way up

  6. Who cares what he shoots? You said there’s no money involved so let him score however he wants.

  7. As someone who is 5’4, I don’t agree with this comparison tactic.

  8. I wouldn’t do this…. But I would think a Motion-Activated security light with as focused a beam as they make aimed at the camera would ‘blind’ the camera

  9. Honestly, without context it seems like you are the problem. She seems overworked and underappreciated. I mean, is it really so hard to grab her a water bottle? Is it really so hard to make her feel loved and appreciated, and that her efforts matter?

  10. A lot of this is people noticing *other* creepy things that the companies do, and attributing it to always listening. It's kind of like a magic trick, where you're seeing the effect, but not the working.

  11. About to leave for a motorcycle ride with friends….

  12. But that's another perfect example. It's not far fetched that after hanging out with a bunch of motorcycle guys, the ad networks would recommend you motorcycle stuff.

  13. Depends on how far away the first bird is. I have different chokes in top and bottom.

  14. According to the NCAA…. Cheerleading isn’t classified as a ‘sport’. It’s an ‘Activity’

  15. You should deal with the moisture problem before worrying about the drywall problem

  16. what kind of medical issue? like, small naspharynx disorder? lol

  17. Nasal Polyps, Chronic Sinusitis, Allergic Inflammation to name a few

  18. nothing wrong with a 6yo tire stored correctly. Why are ppl so precious

  19. Thanks for the comment. I wave because, from what I learned about the wave, it signifies promoting safety (two wheels down) in what is a pretty dangerous hobby and is an easy way to say hi to someone partaking in the same hobby as you. When I drive my car, sometimes I’ll wave to people in cars I like or give them a thumbs up, and I’ve never not gotten a wave back. When I pass a car in my neighborhood, I wave and usually get a wave back. To be fair, I’m also the type of person to say hey or wave if someone looks at me too long, so maybe the frequency of wavers and nonwavers we see on the road are just representative of how friendly they are in general. I do think it’s perfectly fine NOT to wave, but from reading through a lot of Reddit posts about it, no one ever reaches a productive conversation because it always turns into people arguing.

  20. I agree about the arguing. Doesn’t make sense ti me…. Just do what you want and let others do the same….

  21. I have been riding since before ABS and never had a problem.

  22. When you don’t pick them up, they make their way into the stormwater drains and clog them, which causes flooding.

  23. Occasionally I take* a laser pointer and put it in my barrel. I have one meant for this but you could just tape a normal one if you can get it centered right. I practice mounting and doing sweeps from corner to corner along where the floor meets the ceiling.

  24. I hope you mean where the ‘walls’ meet the ceiling

  25. Every person dies…. Not every person lives

  26. Though not common, people put fishing wire about neck height in rural dirt biking trails to either be psychopathic dicks or because they are under the impression that they “own the land.”

  27. Sometimes, people actually do own the land other people ride (trespass) on….

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