News from Hour-Needleworker598

  1. I think the article is from Hello Magazine like today?… 😂

  2. Never a belly laugh. Never a candid photo. Always the I’m sexy Mami, look at me I have 7 bambinos with famous actor husband smirk.

  3. Ok. She’s fucking with us now. Full stop. Not one thing in this photo is real. Not one. I propose a Bingo game at this point. What will Pilz do next…

  4. They live at the Hamptons house and are taken care of by staff. At least they were a few years ago.

  5. Why is a full time stay at home mom pumping this much while simultaneously posting breastfeeding pictures non-stop. Weird.

  6. I’ll write a book about all the places I breastfed over the years. I know everyone cares and wants to know 🤦🏻‍♀️

  7. Are you or are you not the parents?? It’s not up to a 5 year old to determine her bedtime. If my kids weren’t tired, they had to at least go in their rooms and be quiet at bedtime. The world doesn’t revolve around Ari, Robyn.

  8. Did you at least take a couple of weeks or a month to help her change her sleeping habits? Did you slowly help her or throw her to the wolves?

  9. How many pumping, I’m exhausted and I miss my baby posts will we get that night. Place your bets here 🤣


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