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  1. My favourite champion in league is Sett so I always wanted him here too. I dont think he would be too complicated and he could be a decent midrange champion to spice things up a bit.

  2. i can already see sett being the main option for the noxus/ionia decks.

  3. There aren’t a whole lot of FJ champions left to choose from…

  4. those 2, nunu and willump, olaf and „maybe vel‘koz“. so freljord has a decent amount of units unlike bilgewater or targon.

  5. Yeah when the master broke the blade a part of the blade flew right in his neck. Seriously how unlucky can you be

  6. During her trial something similar would have happened to the judge but Yasuo windwalled it and saved him, and this event proved Riven's quasi-innocence

  7. actually it almost happend rivens adoptive father not the judge if i remember the short story correctly

  8. I swear to god dokkan would instantelly reach top grossing when they drop a doflamingo with a birdcage active skill.

  9. Man i ym so happy that he finally got what he needed. Now just need to pull him when he returns and then get lr vegeta and trunks. Having my fav vegeta moment with fantastic animations and being actually usefull is all i wanna see

  10. terrible chatacter designs (minus baby,ss4 and a few dragons i guess), terrible humour, terrible soundtrack, boring fights, not funny, pan, looks like an lsd trip, a ton of reused animations and some of the single worst executions of actually good plot ideas i‘ve ever seen.

  11. I think the character designs are actually way better than anything in super. SS4 is infinitely cooler than anything Super has given us in terms of transformations.

  12. who said i‘m praising super? but anyway beerus, whis, hit >>>>>>>> everything from gt combined design wise.

  13. Nah the AI can definitely go even more wacky


  15. i like how everyone immediatly knows the source if every tatsumaki panel.

  16. no asol won‘t be buffed. he‘ll be nerfed instead

  17. Now the people that call link zelda are finally accurate

  18. TF/Annie control, doesnt matter how big their unit are you can disintegrate and scorched earth them

  19. or stun them and then do aoe damage with tf and tibbers

  20. i‘ll be honest. i lost my chance to watch that movie because netflix removed it a week before i planned watching it

  21. Not just wt goats but also sbr goats. Worthy rivals no item run with int chaozu on the team

  22. I think zed is fine. I may never play him but i sure as shit face him a lot and he never felt as annoyingly oppressive as master yi

  23. I've seen too many pyke's dominate and control matches. Incredible pulls, ganks, huge kill count etc.

  24. Nautilus is a cc champion. He is not here for the kills but he's here to keep the opponent stunlocked so that the team can finish them and in that role nautilus is arguably the best champion in the game

  25. Shadow isles champions: confused screaming. Ok but seriously i think if they wanna kill of champions then htey have to leave a similar impact as someone like ornn. That one short story of ornn with the mother telling a bunch of different stories and people not even sure if ornn is even real but through their stories and actions alone being immortalised. Obviously with some characters its a lot harder i mean when is kog'maw or twitch actually ever going to be relevant to the lore.

  26. I really hope it's buuhan. I love kid buu a lot more then buuhan but he has an lf already while buuhan that shitty f2p unit and a now over 3 year old sparking. He deserves it and since ultras with gogeta being the exception have the colours of their first sparking version (namek goku red, vegeta purple, omega red and sbkk yellow) and that green piccolo zenkai makes me believe piccolo is made to zenkai buff buuhan (which is stupid cause fat buu exists and he has a way better z-ability)

  27. Just did enough runs to get 1 copy of tao. That's it

  28. imagine crocodiles reaction when he sees that mr 3 has a higher bounty then him

  29. but unlike those 3 cell is an absolute chad of a unit

  30. Black Bolt is just a plot device to show the heroes how powerful the current threat is when they wipe the floor with him.

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