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  1. My understanding is that a rival club at the time was called Crusaders or something of that sort and this was also a contrast to them.

  2. I've always read the club set up shop just down the road from Crusaders, who then folded within a couple of seasons. I rather enjoy the idea that we've been trolling the rest of rugby since day 1

  3. wow, what an epic typing and proofreading fail on my end

  4. Map of ‘Cities founded by Romans’ would probably make more sense. That would explain the many red dots along the Rhine versus these few in France

  5. I think that was the original title, my apologies for mistitling it

  6. My friend who got me into rugby goes for Sale. I'm going to be extra smug this week

  7. Even at 13 men it felt like Sale still wanted to try and beat us up front and it probably cost them a try - spreading wide against a backline two short is try time from a lineout maul.

  8. That was striking to me. Sale attacking narrowly even when they had numbers. Uncreative and counterproductive on their part, not that I'm complaining

  9. Sale did us some favors attacking so narrowly. The higher rugby IQs won the day

  10. Really good point there, pre-salarygate Sarries always had a way of staying in the game and then grinding out a win. A lot of that is down to mentality and I feel we lacked that a lot last season (lost our heads normally in those cases and then gave away silly penalties - e.g. the Exeter defeat at Sandy April last year). Its great to see that now three times against Gloucester, Bath and now Exeter this season so looks hopeful.

  11. The first Saracens game i watched was the win over Leinster in Europe the year we knew we were going down over the cap breaches. It was striking how much Leinster wanted to play the free, open rugby they're know for, and how much Saracens just said "nah." Slowed it down, made it a physical trench warfare, and kicked them to death. It was a mentality win and I bloody loved it!

  12. Yeah exactly and we did that without Faz. Last season with the loss of Barritt and a few of the other older heads we looked completely lost without Faz whereas today, whilst not 100% we didn't have such a drop off

  13. That 7-0 scrum penalty stat yesterday was peak Saracens

  14. France to hang around in the first half, England then pull away down the stretch for a comfortable win. I took them by 18 in my tipping pool

  15. Aus are ranked 4th, as a non-RL watcher (although I’m watching a few RLWC games) I’ve been wondering if there was a particular reason why they were so low? As far as I’ve heard they’re still overwhelming favourites but their ranking (and score) seems to have tanked severely and no one’s seemed to have mentioned it anywhere

  16. They dropped in the 2021 end of year rankings because they still weren't playing games when orber teams were. If they destroy the rest of this WC after not playing a single test in 3 years (and with 13 debutantes on the roster) they'll have office broken the sport

  17. Man, the Worcester owners are garbage humans

  18. Definitely not sleeping on Argentina with how strong they've been this year. Australia seemed locked in yesterday too. Looking forward to another full day at the stadium

  19. Attendance was low too. 1,979 vs over 7,000 last year. This year's highest attendance for the season was under 4,000

  20. Started following both from the US in 2020. It was striking to me how League seemed to have taken rugby's defining features out of rugby. I prefer union because a greater variety of things happen in it, allowing for more strategies

  21. As an American I'm really made up for the 3 US players on the team. The comp is still developing, but this is the best place for them to ply their trade, improve, and bring knowledge and experience home to the national team

  22. Yes. NARL didnt post on their social media accounts beteeen January 25th and May 20th (when DC v Atlanta was announced on IG). Their Twitter account is still dormant. Seems like the clubs have been left to figure it out on their own

  23. Boston area born Patriots fan here. Became a Saracens fan when they were doing their one year exile in the championship. Mostly because they are us (it also felt like buying low). Not a dominant club before the current ownership, Wray created a dynasty and the scandals. Hell, even their founding was a troll move. They set up shop down the street from a now defunct club called the Crusaders, hence calling themselves Saracens. If you can stomach the Anti-Rugby they break out in big games and celebrating scrum penalties like tries (it's a pure Masshole club top to bottom), then come to the dark side, the hate will make you stronger

  24. Just the last 90 seconds aged me a couple of years

  25. Yeah that defence was absolutely atrocious, seems like the team only has the legs to run quick with the ball. terrible positioning and recovering without it

  26. The poor fundamentals are what bothered me the most

  27. Last two universities I've been at don't generate an average score, instead they want 80% or more of respondents selecting 4 or 5. That's the tenure threshold at both schools

  28. As professors we develop a lot of marketable skills. Project management, managing people, communicating complex ideas in a variety of formats, writing across many genres (think about all the different kind of documents go into our job packet) trick is marketing the skills, not the degree. My wife isn't an academic so I've seem the MASSIVE difference between a resume and a CV. There isn't a "jobs season" in the private sector; its year round, faster and more flexible. I'd recommend the following site I was looking at when I was close to leaving academia 3-4 years ago

  29. It's true that professors have some marketable skills, however it often takes quite a bit of upskilling, knowledge transfer, and networking in order to convince industry employers that you'll be productive. It varies quite a bit by experience too. For example, an English adjunct prof probably won't really have any skill in managing people. They probably won't have any real experience in project management at scale either. It's one thing to manage your dissertation project. It's another to manage a large software project that can't be done by less than 40 or 50 engineers.

  30. I imagine it varies widely by field. I'm political science, so the folks from my program who have done very well outside academic had data analysis and statistical software skills. I'm sure the transition isn't easy (I ended up staying in academia because I offered a tenure track position), but it's a mistake to think we have no marketable skills

  31. Thanks for the info everyone. I wonder how many of these are too literal from just doing dictionary translations instead of how the language is actually used

  32. Brilliant news! Both still have a huge amount to give and are pretty much irreplaceable in what they do. They elevate the team to another level IMO and with the salary cap limitations this is huge.

  33. I wouldn't be shocked if the prem was like "eh, just don't make it flagrant boys, and be sure to beat the French in Europe"

  34. Like we care about salary cap limitations 😉

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