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  1. Imagine getting this as your birthday gift from Dave's cameo

  2. I would take him but with the cost of living crisis I can't afford additional orthodontist bills

  3. I remember Spenny saying they built a ramp for the wheelchair guy in the disabled episode. It's both season 5 so maybe this ramp already existed during this competition?

  4. Personally I have no opinion on Gavin since I never looked into him myself. All I know is that his fans are utterly retarded. At least those that visit this sub occasionally.

  5. How does one recognize that? I know little about guitars, but the head of the guitar kinda looks Gibson ish to me

  6. Reminds me of the bathrooms of my old highschool. Cept the walls are cleaner here

  7. Yeah, that story about killing his kid is riveting. The kind of minor character you wish you knew more about.

  8. He definitely has that biceps vein. Not as strong as in the picture but with the right lighting and some physical exhaustion from performing maybe.

  9. Looks like you burned more than just your brussel sprouts.

  10. Is that actually real? I always figured it was just some made-up company for the story purpose of the episode.

  11. You may overestimate their production budget, especially for season 1

  12. Alternatively, did anyone have a baby lately and can confirm where it came from?

  13. Ipecac has an extremely strong taste, even a single drop would make a whole beer taste like ass

  14. For all we know Kenny may have tried that and it never made the show lol. Spenny just threw the beer away

  15. I think Kenny didn't really want to win yet, he just wanted to get Spenny's reaction.

  16. Then what is the purpose of music? How do you evaluate good/bad?

  17. Noise is music that is random. This isn't rocket science. Who is teaching you this nonsense? Can you please tell me which professor at which dumbass university is making the outrageously absurd claim that noise is the same as music? This is just straight up stupid.

  18. I asked you a few questions and you go off on an insane rant about fascist ideology.

  19. Yeah I don't think you guys ever mentioned anywhere that you were best friends since childhood. It's all a scam

  20. Definitely hard to always have your name attached to something. But by 85 metallica had KEA and RTL having that on there probably sold tickets.

  21. We already discussed this. smh.

  22. Yeah take OP to karma court, you deserve all the karma for your thread!

  23. Something about that statement triggered me lol

  24. They may be old ladies.... but they're still ladies

  25. Is this what "who does she like better" would look like today?

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