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  1. Feeling loved and actually being loved. Not sure I’ve ever had that before, and it would be absolutely on point for me to finally get to experience that 5 minutes before I die lol

  2. Damn… my dad died in 2000. My fav aunt died in 2014. Once this phenomenon occurs, I’d drop everything to find and reunite my two grandparents. I’d like to be in their life, but even more than that I’d just want them to have each other again.

  3. First off, congratulations for setting boundaries for yourself and putting your health first! That’s huge, and you’re doing it!

  4. How about being able to successfully finish online dating. Happily ever after!

  5. Yeah, I’m not replacing one problem with two more. I don’t need drugs, I need to be loved…

  6. Yeah, until there’s a ban on the unvaxxed driving or riding in automobiles, we’re not getting anywhere.

  7. Every fuckin penny of that money should be his along with a hell of a lot more. I mean it everything that everyone ever made off of his wrongful conviction. You can’t give him his 16 years of life back. He was raped for that by an evil and racist system. Alice profited while he rotted in prison. Every fuckin cent and more.

  8. She’s a rapist too! Different sort of rapist, but that’s something that gets lost by narrowing the definition to just sexual so it’s mostly one gender as the victim and mostly the other gender as the victimizer. Humans are awful all the way around. Women as a gender are no more awful and no less awful than men, the awfulness just gets expressed in different ways, the damage is dealt in different ways.

  9. That’s a good one, lol. I get the rape thought bubble, not the kill one though

  10. Thanks for reminding me why I carry a gun

  11. At least you have a positive self image, lol. FWIW mine don’t go beyond a pleasant daydream while waiting at a stop light. How deep do your intrusive thoughts go?

  12. You’re so young, on one hand it’s good to not get so married, but on the other the marriages that last usually start early.

  13. Dunno, my heart is persuadable. When the heartbreak feeling gets bad enough, feels like it’s about to stop. I think I might be able to die naturally that way. 💡

  14. In descending order of preference, starting with most preferred, going to what I’ll settle for if the pain gets too horrific to continue:

  15. Provider instincts are strong yo. But without anyone to do anything for (not because they can’t, but because I feel fulfilled, it gives me purpose), without anyone to do anything for or give anything to, I’m useless and just taking up space. It’s drilled into me every damned day. Useless, wrong, bad.

  16. I’m in absolute disbelief that I’m even at the point of writing a note or notes… I fought so long , so hard, for decades, and… is it really almost over? That it all really was for nothing? I want to not believe it, but it’s like everyone in my life is making clear I’m not needed, not wanted, and not even good at what I used to be. There’s really absolutely no need to continue existing anymore, other than not messing up my mom, even though she was a big part in messing me up. I’ve been trying to heal for years, trying to fix the damage, trying to move past it, trying to build a life, trying to make friends, and… it’s all for nothing, it all failed. Soon I’ll be just another messed up asshole who died. And there was absolutely no value I brought to anyone other than shallow amusement. Amusement for my parents, amusement all the way through. Never really been loved, looks now like never will be. I just don’t see a point to this, but want to either die with love or die a warriors death. There’s a reason I’m in the prime suicide demo (40s male, single,no kids, no family, no pet, friends? Not sure, but I have no one when I need them the most, so, sunny day friends in a nuclear winter. Good to know they’ll be there when I survive the fatal wound, ha! I’m just another dead asshole, what’s in my heart means nothing, the kindness I’ve emanated means nothing, I gave and gave and, just never was good enough to be loved. Definitely not good enough now, and I can’t get out of this hole and this brokenness now without being loved in the way everyone else has always been, so… goodbye.

  17. Strawman argument. Of course no one is saying male victims are less worthy.

  18. Yeah, because it’s the intersectionality between invisibility (notice how you skipped over male victims of violence to equate male with aggressor), disposability (it’s beaten into us every day, sometimes literally, we’re disposable trash, born wrong from the original sin of being born male, and our only value is providing value to others, zero inherent human value; disposable), and of course victimization. We’re invisible and disposable, so why would we be included in highlighting victims of violence? The only victims included are those who are valued. We’re not. No one is saying male victims don’t matter, because no one is saying anything at all. And when I do, I’m wrong and awful for doing so. Born wrong. If I was born right, I’d be counted, valued, I’d be included, my human value recognized and advocated. But… I’m in the wrong body for that. Original sin, like all male victims I’m tainted for as long as I exist.

  19. I’m absolutely not ok, but glad I’m still funny! Lol (it’s all good, don’t ask)

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