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Thousands of Germans, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, masked and unmasked, march through the streets of Kiel in a peaceful protest against vaccine passports, united in their opposition to segregation and their refusal to demonize their fellow humans.

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  1. It's good to see people all over the world waking up and refusing to comply with their enslavement.

  2. Every time I watch the Haka, I am convinced that it is one of the most intimidating yet peaceful ways of telling the government you've had enough of their bullshit without causing harm to any person or property. The energy it projects is infectious!

  3. Can you imagine if this actually came to fruition? Reiner is a great lawyer, but I am having trouble being as optimistic as he is.

  4. You need to SS your posts or they'll get deleted, just a heads up.

  5. While this is normally true, since the post is a text-based post it stays up.

  6. He went on to say how do you convince people to do this? A pandemic where people are desperate to get vaccinated.

  7. I also don't want to take it, because I suspect the people who made the vaccine are the ones who released the virus in the first place. I have zero trust for this injection.

  8. He went on to say that indiscriminate vaccination has never been undertaken before, and that this was a giant experiment that could backfire. It looks like it has.

  9. Good on the parents who are awakened to the harms of long-term mask wearing on children.

  10. Seems like science 101 but Reddit got gaslit into thinking different

  11. Not only that, but they'll ban you from several different subreddits for simply commenting on a subreddit that challenges the narrative.

  12. This is literally the criminalization of thought. 1984 is coming sooner than expected.

  13. actually much later than expected... it was technically expected in... 1984...

  14. I still can't believe how Fauci and the government have admitted ZERO fault for this pandemic.

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