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Tucson police officer fired after fatally shooting a 61-year-old in a mobility scooter nine times

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  1. I recently heard my husband say the word charcuterie for the first time and he completely seriously pronounces it char-toot-arie. And I couldn't love it more.

  2. That is so cute! My son pronounces it char-cutie, I don’t know how I’ll ever correct him.

  3. Lol my dumb ass thought this was about guns, given the source

  4. If Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa and Lenny Kravitz are in search of a foursome where Lisa Bonet applaudes performances from the corner then sign me up

  5. Any combo involving that trio would put me in cardiac arrest.

  6. I hope so, too, chronic illnesses are a living hell. It's almost like you go through the five stages of grief, mourning for your health. :/ The depression stage lasted a loooooong time for me. And I am still working on acceptance. I just hope the OP can work towards acceptance.

  7. This comment is what I needed after a disaster of doctor’s appointment this morning. I’m currently in the ‘depression-quickly approaching anger’ stage, and it’s incredibly validating to know others have gone through the same grief (and I’m not just weak).

  8. NO. You are NOT weak. People going through health issues, chronic illnesses, etc are some of the strongest people. The crap we deal with daily is mind boggling. If you want an empathetic ear to listen, just vent, talk about it, definitely let me know. On here, you can private message me, whatever you are comfortable with, if you like. It really does help just to TALK sometimes, you know? Especially to someone that can relate to what you're going through. Keep up the good fight, you are a badass, even if you don't feel like it sometimes. You kick ass🤘

  9. Aww, thanks so much!! I may have to take you up on that, some days are tough

  10. Honestly this applies to Christian media in general with movies and stuff. There is too little focus on making it a good movie fundamentally, minus the Christian messages and themes.

  11. It’s downright embarrassing, there’s no reason the production value on those films needs to be so terrible. It’s like they’re actively trying to push audiences away.

  12. Killing off Snoke was trope-defying brilliance. I don't care what anyone says, ROS was a great movie. JJ Abrams is terrible.

  13. IMO if Rian Johnson had done the whole trilogy it would have been really solid. I think the biggest issue with it stem from bouncing between directors and thus a total lack of vision across the trilogy.

  14. I would love to see what Rian Johnson would do with a blank-slate trilogy that leaned heavily into his particular niche. He does noir SO well, I’d love to see that type of story brought to the SW universe

  15. That guy is an natural entertainer, wow. I’d watch him teach me anything

  16. I actually used kinesiology tape for my stomach during my second pregnancy. It’s to help support the weight of the belly so it’s not as painful. The weight of the belly caused my round ligament pain to be craaaazy painful. Just felt like someone pulling on my uterus every time I stood up. Also nothing really prevents stretch marks, it’s hereditary. Generally if your mom had em, you’re gonna get em too.

  17. Where was this comment during my pregnancy?? Fucking genius!

  18. Shit, I automatically started thinking the lyrics, when did I AGE?

  19. I’m only 5’10” but I definitely understand. I hit my height really young so I was used to being 2x as tall as whatever boy I was crushing on at the time 😅 I never got picked on for being tall by girls but I remember being teased for it by boys.

  20. Oh nooo, flashbacks to being twelve and crushing on a little twig of a boy a good foot shorter than me. Kids are fucking MEAN

  21. Yeah, that sounds exactly like the kind of person who becomes a cop from what I’ve experienced. What a psychopath.

  22. Shit like this is why I don’t believe in the death penalty. Incompetence as far as the eye can see.

  23. It’s a barbaric system doing exactly what it’s meant to do.

  24. One time my husband used spaghetti noodles as filler in a meatloaf... this is the second time I’ve felt that anger in my life.

  25. I would call that inside out spaghetti and meatballs.

  26. See, I would ALMOST see that, but imagine a slice of meatloaf with maggot-looking noodles inside, and that was the reality.

  27. Ok I’m a houseplant collector and this collection is truly insane. Some of those plants are worth thousands of dollars.

  28. They have a lot of videos of them collecting some of their plants from various odd places, I think they may be plant goblins.

  29. I swear, every time they give a plant tour it gets more and more chaotic. I love them.

  30. You mean the constant waking nightmare that is regret? I’m familiar.

  31. Oh, did y’all wake up feeling like you swallowed glass too?

  32. You want to know a secret? You can oppose multiple disgusting actions at once, without them canceling each other out! Try it!

  33. If an exposed gumline is enough to make someone ugly in your eyes, you truly have my sympathies.

  34. woman killed a woman rapist who was attacking her.

  35. Lol, I’m sure your physical therapist would be thrilled knowing you compare her traumatic attempted rape to this dumpster fire of a case.

  36. Ah yes, the small defenseless child who was there voluntarily with a deadly weapon. What a poor baby.

  37. Well, they could apply for COVID-19 Funeral Assistance, which was part of the various covid stimulus packages. But I guess that would be socialism.

  38. Their poor kids, stuck trying to scrape together enough for cremation. How can you do that to your children?

  39. I mean, she bleeds...A lot. We would have to wash the sheets right away.

  40. Either keep a sex towel around you can toss on the bed or just do it in the shower.

  41. Sometimes love means not telling your spouse everything. This is absolutely one of those times.

  42. I mean, I would give 21 as an answer. Apparently I’m wrong cause I’m old?

  43. Oh, so we’re just old and I didn’t wake up stupid?

  44. Why is it that the Republicans can block someone because they grew up in the Soviet Union, yet Democrats cannot block someone accused of rape?

  45. Because Dems insist on walking-on-eggshells rather than upset their coworkers. Cowards.

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