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  1. I think it’s thorne could be wrong. If u go on the south yorkshire police Facebook u will see they post about him every so often

  2. Tried to catch the normal one and it escaped every time. I want my remote raid pass back please niantic

  3. I just cant stand game shows. Tipping Point, The Chase, Pointless. All terrible but have a huge following

  4. Honestly nailed it too, got the trot down to a T

  5. Pure luck Honestly there’s no special technique or anything. I caught myne with the worst throw I could of done

  6. I live in between Doncaster and Leeds if its easy enough for you to get into Doncaster that be great tbh but I can meet you in Wakefield if that's easier

  7. They was full on teasing me yesterday. If I missed one ball they ran lol

  8. Aww :( I request you give him a small boop on that longthy snoot from me :) well wishes

  9. what the hell is the sound playing over it? sounds like a stroke

  10. Cool. So what the hell is the sound playing over it? sounds like a stroke

  11. I do wonder how much money people have to be able to remotely raid gibble all day lol

  12. I only have 91 pokecoins, i really wish it was me that could do that😂

  13. I spend like £5 once a month on some coins just so I can get legendary Pokémon but they go so fast lol

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