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  1. Almost anyone who regularly golfs is capable of developing a fundamentally sound swing that would open up the game for them. But they waste their resources on stupid Golf Digest tips, and the like, secure in their belief that there's just some obscure secret or set thereof that will open up the mystery to mastery.

  2. Regardless of what they may have wished for conservatives never would have insisted, backed by force of law, that everyone conform to their provincial notions. This creepy garbage isn't conservatism. Its Fascism.

  3. That's great, but it's too bad that you have to travel to a place like that to even see the Milky Way now. As late as the early 1960"s, before light pollution got so bad, you could see it just about anywhere, with the exception of major urban centers.

  4. And Donald Rumsfeld. Don’t forget about him. I’d also say Colin Powell. I’ve seen his speech at the UN.

  5. Colin Powell "made his bones" as the officer assigned to

  6. It's way past time. Powell was asleep at the wheel when he raised interest rates, which sharply devalued the government bonds that SVB was heavily invested in. And, of course, he had pushed to minimize oversight so he was like a blind drunk stumbling around breaking things.

  7. The governing strategy of the party that appointed him is to prove that the government is the problem by being intentionally self destructive while in positions of government. Why are we surprised his interventions or lack thereof are having these results?

  8. I'm not convinced that anything that those assholes do along those lines is directly intentional. There's a, with apologies to weasels, a weasel in there somewhere. And it's sort of a convenient self-induced quasi schizoid case of "not letting the right paw know what the left paw is doing". That way they can squeak whatever they want to say serenely do the opposite of what they say as it suits them. The final piece of the puzzle is their assumption that everyone must be like them in regard to truth being nothing more than a matter of convenience, changeable as required to match the occasion.

  9. “Regional” banks are national, and their cap went from 50$B to 250$B, so you can imagine the American oligarchical class of predatory bankers has done everything to erode state-level controls.

  10. Biggest mistake was hiking rates so hard that US treasury bonds became worthless. Powell literally said he would hike rates until things started breaking and now things started breaking. We can single out SVB for being overexposed to US treasury bonds, but there are also dozens of other banks that won’t survive another rate hike. The thing they all have in common is that they bought billions in US treasury bonds that have to be sold at a loss.

  11. Those, except for the name, look exactly like my old Craftsman wrenches from the 1970's.

  12. I got to my girlfriend's house to pick her up for a date on the night that The Doors were scheduled to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show. She wouldn't leave the house until they played and, as it turned out, Jim Morrison was wearing skintight black leather pants... on the fucking Ed Sullivan show.

  13. Even if there really is a Reddit for everything, I never could have imagined that there would be one for BirdButts.

  14. Less than 10 minutes in this is being downvoted more aggressively than is usual for a story like this.

  15. Considering his work in force-feeding as a means of

  16. Not catchy enough. Too many layers for the voting population.

  17. You may be right. A person almost has to wonder if it would cost him any support if he were actually running as Ron DeSadist. But I don't care. I'm going to keep doing it anyway because I like it.

  18. Asshole Ron DeSadist weaseled his way into the job he wanted in the Army.

  19. Values? - in the usual, moralistic, sense of the word they have no values. The only thing they value is beating the other team. That's why they like Trump and DeSantis.

  20. My goal is to get the US, it's not easy though. Gotta finish my schooling here first.

  21. I wouldn't trade your humane health care system and comparatively restrictive gun laws for our dysfunctional health care system and relatively wide-open gun laws. But you gotta do you.

  22. Being shot in the mouth like that is probably super-relatable for people, because almost all of us has had a bad toothache at one time or another.

  23. It was disgraceful seeing Pence marching around chanting "Hang Mike Pence, Hang Mike Pence." Fucking asshole

  24. It's gotten to where you have to wonder if that numbskull can even expect to keep track of his mind-numbing hoard of multi maniacal lying concoctions.

  25. Republicans are working hard to keep thought crime in check until full time cerebral monitoring implants are developed to keep an eye on people's thoughts and dreams.

  26. Approximately 110% of Republicans will blame Biden because the latest episode was on his watch.

  27. I saw these today and was trying to figure out what the heck they were. Looked like dark oversized croissants scattered all over the road

  28. A North Carolina house inspector who found an 8-foot live alligator in the attic of a 3-story house said nobody believed him at first

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